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    FAQFox Local Content Generation Idea Stimulating Tool

    All I ever get no matter what I type in is a 503 Error "something went wrong" Guess it's too popular and somebody broke it!? Very neat idea. Always like the FAQ thing to spark ideas of what to write and answer questions better than currently rank.
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    Yahoo declaring the end of G+

    Yahoo declaring G+ is dead is like N.Korea declaring invasion on the U.S. Less than a grain of salt. I question why Yahoo is even still around?? Seems they are just reporting changes (or somebody submitted a story reporting) changes to G+ pages.
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    Improve Site Performance Using The WebPageTest Tool

    Really good info. Makes me think the host is the problem in one instance. The other 2 were simply I needed to setup my caching plug-ins a bit better. Improved my TTFB at least to a grade of C vs an F the first tests. None of my clients are on dedicated hardware. All sharing in some capacity...
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    New Google Maps "Send to Device" Feature

    re: New Google Maps "Send to Device" Feature I see it... it sent to my Samsung Galaxy Note3 and in the status bar... I see the name. I click it and it fires up Google Maps with the icon to start navigation. If I were at my desktop and wanted this place sent to my phone so I could just go...
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    Makovsky Health Report on Local Marketing to Millenials

    I'm not currently aware of any Millennials who go beyond hopping on their parent's insurance. In fact, I didn't find any Millennials in my asking that even read the Affordable Heath Care Act but thought it was a great idea. Who do I see being more selective and looking online, etc? 35-45 year...
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    Where does Express Update get their data from?

    I don't use any services. I track down citations and fix them manually. It takes much longer but.. my clients own the logins and it's a one time deal. Takes much longer for sure. Tedious no doubt. But in the long run, it's cheaper and if we part ways, I don't have to hold them hostage when...
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    Consultants: Have you Tried PEEK for your Local Search Clients Yet?

    My Peek from yesterday on another client's site gave me a couple of gems. 1. Maybe I could/should make it even easier to contact the office. While the user found the contact page and mentioned it was very easy.. I bet I could make it even easier for somebody to get in touch/make an...
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    Where does Express Update get their data from?

    It's even worse when has duplicates for your paying client and doesn't respond to seemingly duplicate requests. Not only do I find that backwards but I find the practices of these bigger data companies to be despicable. Holding your local biz info hostage without jumping thru hoops or...
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    Consultants: Have you Tried PEEK for your Local Search Clients Yet?

    I've used it. Whoever did my video was awesome. They nailed my main problem. You have to look around to figure out what my site is about. The tagline I'm using doesn't really indicate it and only after viewing the site, do you know it's about health and fitness. Thus, gave me the idea that...
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    Need opinions about

    Synup is okay. It's certainly the cheapest of the major players and they give you the logon info so you essentially own the listing as you should. However, their scans didn't find many of the listings that I know to be there as I've tracked them. And it didn't find all the duplicates when...
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    Duplicate and Verified Google+ Business Pages

    As a close out to this... I asked Support via email to merge the listings. They replied with a very generic message... about as helpful as asking my cat for some tax advice on a wash sale. I deleted that potentially scraped but ranking page. As you know, it just removes it form the dashboard...
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    Duplicate and Verified Google+ Business Pages

    Ah.... you are probably very right. Scraped from the Yellowpages. Don't get me started with that place (they have dupes of his name and he pays for a listing!!) I'll toss out A and see if support will merge it. If not, all he loses is one old 2010 review. And then Page B can start to get...
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    Duplicate and Verified Google+ Business Pages

    Perfect... So I can remove A now... and still ask support to merge that page since a deletion from the dashboard is not actually a delete from the system? Just to clarity, A is what Google created at some point but it's never been updated by the biz owner or me. He created that 2nd page...
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    Duplicate and Verified Google+ Business Pages

    Sole Practitioner and plans to stay that way.
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    Duplicate and Verified Google+ Business Pages

    Sure... A) David, Marc MD B) Performance Medical - Marc David, MD 1st is the practitioner name (Google created this one I think) and 2nd is the local page the biz created which includes the practice name followed by the practitioner The 2nd makes more sense to me as a human as it could...