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    CallRail + Call Only Ads

    I agree with this strategy. I've had absolutely no issues incorporating Callrail numbers into my call only ads when: 1) I add the call extension and 2) I update the phone number on the landing page to the Callrail number. The one thing that I have NOT done, but I'd love input is to update to...
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    Fake Yelp Review What Recourse?

    Sorry, for delay in response. I actually got another review pulled down last week, citing TOS. What I mean by that is go to: Carefully, research what might qualify as reason for violation of TOS. Remember, it's been my experience that you only get one shot...
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    Facebook Page Merging advice

    I've been working on this myself over the last month. One thing I'll tell you, is keep resubmitting. For some reason, we've been able to suddenly get 5 merges approved this month, with one outstanding. You'll get the 'not eligible' message one day where you can't even submit a request to update...
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    "Review Updates" Message In GMB Dashboard

    Hi All, I have a client whose listing has a new message on the Manage Locations page of the dashboard. It says, "Review Updates." -- I've seen that one before. BUT, when you click on "Review Updates" from the Manage Locations page, there's something new that I'm seeing on the listing. At the...
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    Spam Help/Advice Needed

    Yes, exactly! I had the same issue - - I could not believe that the photo I submitted was added to the business's fake listing and worse still, they were notified of the photo! Everyone on the forum has me second-guessing myself that this doesn't happen with the redressability form, but rather...
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    Fake Yelp Review What Recourse?

    I'll tell you that I have had success getting multiple fake reviews pulled by citing Yelp's TOS. You need to review their TOS and identify the best option because once you submit it doesn't allow you to resubmit and point to a different TOS. It will ask you on your first submission what the...