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    When Should you File a Disavow?

    We disavowed back in 2014 and it probably helped. We had hired some seo's that might not have been the most reputable. Then the new seo found their links from sites that were hacked, etc. and disavowed them. Nowadays we hear Google knows which links to ignore. Disavowing only alerts them to new...
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    Reviews for GMB NATIONAL Rankings

    Thanks everyone for asking and answering. This topic is of great interest to us over here.
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    Technical Issues Impacting Review Replies

    Does this continue?
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    Import data from Google My Business in Bing Places for Business

    Great question. Should I take this step or is there a chance it will hurt my listing. We are all square on Bing, for years now. But would this be beneficial? It may add a layer of EAT, not saying Bing uses that but it can't hurt to build trust etc. Is there any value, like ranking value, in...
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    Who is Switching to Wordpress 5.0?

    We went Gutenberg manually, no problem. My theme creator, generatepress, has been very proactive. He had created sections which are like the new blocks, sorta. So he's worked closely with WP. Great developer. Yes the back-end looks horrendous but everything still works. We are only one site...
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    Yelp's Biggest Algorithm Update

    We lost half of a star before we knew about the purge. Thanks for the update. Not sure of the review count totals. Haven't been tracking it. Great article linked above. @Maxw555 the article mentions that they purged inactive users, for one. Hope that helps.
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    Local search from mobile via wifi vs. via cellular data

    Could it be a personalization thing? Her phone may think she wants that result. Try someone else's phone? Just guessing.
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    Google: Domain Authority is not a ranking signal

    Word Games. Love it.
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    How far away does a user have to be in order to see AdWords location extensions?

    I have seen it 25 miles out. Searched from Glendale, AZ with showroom in Scottsdale, AZ. But I was signed into Google so it may have been personalized.
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    Small Thanks with Google-Review Resources

    Great idea! Window clings.
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    Small Thanks with Google-Review Resources

    I love these. They are beautiful. I have considered using them on the website or as social media posts. Even considered printing them out but then, where to hang them without looking cluttered? Anyway, I like them.
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    How Do I Use Our Press Mentions To Elevate Local Rankings?

    Andrew, I see you have been on this forum longer than I. Perhaps you know more than me. But your Press Release comment got me thinking. Recently I read Google... Press Release Companies Penalized by Google, Lose up to 90% of Organic Traffic I would not recommend this type of press release to...
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    How Do I Use Our Press Mentions To Elevate Local Rankings?

    I agree with heckler, "I would blast out that article to every social media account..." Mirage Limousines got a mention from the New York Times. Asked for a link and did not get one. Plus they spelled our name wrong and misquoted us. Oh well, I still posted it to social media with a link to the...