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    Any tricks to speed up a new listing under Pending "Being Reviewed"?

    Kristen - what i would like to know is if for those listings stuck at 'pending' and you ARE able to find those listings on a Maps search - does that information on the Maps result match what you have on the backend dashboard? Some of my listings at 'pending' do have matching info on Places...
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    Yelp- business name locked?

    I have the same issue on quite a few of my managed Yelp listings.. only way around it is to contact your Yelp account manager directly.. they told me "Directory information is often locked so that user aren't able to go in and edit business listing information." doesnt make sense when these...
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    Google+ Local Now Features Frommers Rich Content

    Hi Linda, thanks for the post. I have seen this across a few of my local listings starting last week i believe. for example my park hyatt aviara page had this text appear above the 'at a glance' section. after researching i found the exact same text on a frommers site thanks for the...