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    "Any recent edits you've made to a business will be seen on this page soon."

    I get this message too. I'm kind of worried that something is happening to one or more listings. At first I thought GMB decided to review every single change. Changes in the Info tab were taking too long last week and I was worried that they are planning to review even small changes.
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    Updating Hotel Descriptions

    Hi, Yes, the descriptions are sourced from third-party sites like Expedia. Recently, I had to change a hotel description because it mentioned gym whereas the resort had no gym. It was incorrect information. So I reached out to GMB support on Twitter and asked them to remove this part. After...
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    LocalBusiness Schema

    Hi, I like specific Local Business Schema. FYI, some of the types I have used in the past: -ExerciseGym for local gym/personal trainer -HomeAndConstuctionBusiness for construction companies/real estate developers -LegalService for law firms, I think Attorney is obsolete, correct if wrong...
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    Import data from Google My Business in Bing Places for Business

    I noticed this too. It is a nice addition but Bing Places is available in select markets only. In fact, only 6 countries in Europe have access to this tool! What peaked my interest with this import tool is that it did not show a warning message about country availability. Do you think it is...
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    Social Icons are Back on Local Knowledge Panels

    Good find Joy. I confirm the appearance of social icons in many local business knowledge graphs. It should be noted that the social icons only appear on desktop view. I wasn't able to replicate them on mobile.
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    🆕 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors

    I liked Colan Nielsen's comment about phone numbers in the title tag. If they do attract a higher CTR then it is worth testing. I want to also test in some point adding an emoji next to the GMB name, although it is against the guidelines.
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    Ask Joy Hawkins Anything About Google My Business - Local Marketing Institute

    Hi Eric, Joy, I couldn't watch the webinar due to time difference, is there a link to watch for those of us that didn't have the chance?
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    Frustrated with New Google Hotel Finder Local Pack

    I believe Google fixed the functionality of hotel finder. On mobile, clicking on any of the listings leads you to the redesigned knowledge panel. On desktop, the top 3 listings on the local pack are now included in the first row of hotel finder. The "view 38 hotels" button has been fixed too...
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    Frustrated with New Google Hotel Finder Local Pack

    Hello everybody, So to jump straight on this Google is pretty aggressive on hotels when it comes to local search and GMB. The following article highlights some of the features that hotels are missing How Google Exploits the Hospitality Industry for Profit - Online Ownership What I noticed...
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    Information alongside NAPs

    Hi there, My advice on citation building is indeed to include unique descriptions. As Google filters duplicate listings it is harder for directories to rank higher on SERPS. By altering business descriptions you increase chances of faster indexation and higher rankings. Please note that it...
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    Local Business Knowledge graph

    Hi, I believe recently there were some reports on Twitter claiming that knowledge graph panels are now back for local businesses. So this may have something to do with Google's decision to give back knowledge panels without the need to type in the location.
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    The Medic Core Algorithm Update - August 1, 2018

    Re: Core Algorithm Update - August 1, 2018 Hi Joy, I'm referring to doctor sites such as dermatologists and gynaecologists. I have no access to other broader medical/health sites.
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    The Medic Core Algorithm Update - August 1, 2018

    Re: Core Algorithm Update - August 1, 2018 Hello all, I'd like to confirm that this update affected massively medical sites. In particular, respected doctor sites were hit hard in both search and local maps. An incomprehensible and offensive move as Google now thinks that doctors should...
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    Local Business Knowledge graph

    Hello there, Did you make any change on the categories of your GMB listing? This sounds like the thread I started back in December. Many people jumped in to report the same finding: that they have lost their knowledge graph panel for search terms not containing a location modifier. Finally...
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    GMB Hotel Categories Selection

    Hey Colan, Thank you. As you said, Google alters categories. In fact, I see "hotel apartments" being listed as "4-star hotels" in the local finder. In addition, there is not an option to specifically choose the stars your hotel is. If you select "hotel", Google will assign your star rating...