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    Bulk Verification for Service Area Business'

    Ugh...I figured that might be the case. It just seemed confusing enough that it might also work. I think figuring out how to turn off their automatic phone answering service temporarily might be the only way to go as they don't have addresses in each city to use and then hide. Thanks for all...
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    Bulk Verification for Service Area Business'

    My client is setting up listings for a multi-location service area business. Google's documentation seems a bit contradictory on this. We tried to verify one location but can't verify via phone because of their phone routing system. Has anyone had any luck bulk verifying a multi-location service...
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    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    Hey Andy! We have two AirBnB's, Charming Bungalow Near EVERYTHING! - Bungalows for Rent in Denver, Colorado, United States and Urban Hideaway, 420 and dog friendly, great yard - Guesthouses for Rent in Denver, Colorado, United States. There is a chance I'll be in the UK speaking at a few events...
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    What kind of schema json markup for a Service Area Business?

    I have a service area client with a bunch of business types in their schema. My gut tells me they should just have one, yes? @type HomeAndConstructionBusiness @type HVACBusiness @type Plumber @type Electrician @type RoofingContracto They also list out a lot of serviceTypes...
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    Location Extension Map Clicks

    Does anyone know where clicks to these ads are tracks? GMB? AdWords? I am thinking maybe in GMB Insights as Map views?