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    State of SEO industry: a vent post

    I would say one monthly report is okay. But when they ask for the weekly or daily report then I just tell them you will have to add $$ if you want the weekly report. Take it or leave it. Enough bullshitting(sorry!).
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    Impact of expanding GMB service area

    Hi Joe, What about those who don't want the address to be shown? I am working with two clients like this and both of them are going down. I am thinking about reversing. What do you suggest? Should I reverse?
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    Changed to SAB and Traffic Dropped Big Time

    Indeed! There are so many mysteries Google simply don't want to expose. For example, Google says they don't track geo coordinates but they show near me results.
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    Changed to SAB and Traffic Dropped Big Time

    Happening Same for my client.
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    GMB Performance Keep Going Down After Moving to Service Areas

    Hey Guys, Around month ago, the client wanted to hide their address and completely focus on their Service Areas. Since then the performance keeps going down. Am I alone facing this issue? Or Am I missing something?
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    Please Welcome our New Sponsor - BrightLocal

    You do have a great database without any Doubt but I think the quality of citation building services can be improved a lot. Other than that I really love the tools. Welcome aboard.