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    New MERGED G+ Page Bugs! Missing URLS & Images?

    Hi Linda, Thanks for bringing this issue here. Yes this is true. I have several clients who have verified Google listing page but images are not coming with them. It looks like it is an unverified page. It screws my mind :confused:. Also I have tried to add an image as a user but it goes in...
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    Google+ Local BUG ALERTS - All in One Place

    HI Linda, Thanks for doing this. It makes all the things to be put in eye all in once. Also the image you have chosen for this is great. It gives a genuine loooooooook for the condition of the Local SEO's. Pankaj
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    Highlights of MAJOR Google+Local Updates & Changes Jan 2013

    Hi Linda, Thanks for getting them collected in a single place. It will be great helpful in getting all the things checked once if missed and if needed. Thanks Pankaj Raghav
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    Dec 18 Google+ Local Algo Update? EMD Comes back strong?

    Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing your experience here. For the EMD update I have not seen this with any of my clients. I will surely share if found any such case. Pankaj Kumar
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    Auto Dealers

    Other then Craiglist I would recommend you to use location based (Local for business) classifieds and thematic classifieds. Few of the ones I have used has been listed below. Europe - Free classifieds | Free Ads | Free online Advertisement Free Classified Ads, Wanted Ads, Free Advertising...
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    Auto Dealers

    Hi Joy, I have clients in the Auto industries. One of them deals in the Auto Dealer industry. I have worked for him with Google+ Local and classifieds. He is working quite well in the rankings and with traffic too. Hence I would suggest you to go with Google+ Local and classifieds. This will...
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    Leaders Share Insightful Local Search Predictions for 2013

    GOOGLE WILL START LISTENING BUSINESS OWNERS WITH CUSTOMERS. And absolutely putting people to fix the issues at the earliest before business owners move to another search engine. :rolleyes: Thanks Pankaj Kumar
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    Best Practice on Company Name in Directories/Citations

    Hi, Linda is absolutely right here. It's just a matter of making all the things correct and right. The difference in business name keeps on making dupes. Also Google counts phone number and difference in address while creating dupes. So better to go with a single business name. Thanks Pankaj...
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    Why Local Search Hypergrowth Is Here by John H. Denny

    Hi Linda, Thanks for sharing this interesting information. As per this, it is now local to move website completely on all plateform and mobiles. Looks like next world is all about LOCAL only. Regards Pankaj Kumar
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    Client's Google+ Local Page Suddently Under Review?

    Hi Linda, Travis, Colan, This problem of Google really gets FED-UP. I have few of my clients whose listing goes under review that to of without any proper reason. I have checked the listing information myself and in all the ways but didn't found any reason or any help from Google. Also Linda I...
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    Multiple locations for brick and mortar, plus service business

    Hi foxxr, Sorry that I am too late to be here. As its seems that now it has been answered. But still I would like to put my views here. I have worked with a client who has 4 locations for the same business and same service. But as all the locations have unique address and unique local phone...
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    Business With 2 Locations: One Website or Two Websites - What's The Best Approach?

    Hi Travis, First of all I would like to Thank Linda and Travis :) to bring this post in public which is more helpful to other followers too. Travis I had worked with my clients who carries multiple locations for their business. But I has always suggested them to carry single website rather...
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    'Open 24 Hours' Content Showing On Local Listings?

    Hi All, Thanks for sharing the information. I have seen this show of Google earlier too with few business, but I didn't put any view on this. But as you shared this today here so I would like to discuss this more. I have too checked the same. I would like to describe my findings on this with...
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    Just to check my understanding of the current state of play for multiple locations...

    Hi All, This is a nice concern here. I have worked with bulk upload for the business(15 locations). In this case I would suggest that Simon should go with bulk upload process only as cleared by Nyagoslav. This what I can suggest for this case. Rest all has been covered by all of you. Thanks...
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    Google Places for Business Help - Will Not Update Clients URL

    Hi Colan, Till now I have not encountered with such a problem where I have to get changed the business URL for any of the project. But I have faced issues where I have to get the correct website link on the place page as it has been effected by any other listing. It now becomes the same case...