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    Trending [November 5, 2019 Local Algorithm Update] Unexplained big drops in GMB rankings

    Danny just posted on Twitter about Nov 2019 Local Search update: "Neural Matching'
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    Google My Business Updates the Guidelines for Practitioners

    Along the practitioner line- I remember reading a thread that practitioners who practice in multiple locations can have multiple practitioner listings if the hours are fixed (tuesday @ practice A, thursday @ practice B). I am remembering that correctly and is it still true?
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Looking for some advice here in light of this thread and others on the uptick in suspensions. We have a new franchise client in the home services industry - with 175+ locations across 2 accounts with listings all over the map (verified, unverified, dups, a couple suspensions). They need alot of...
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    Moz/Uberall Partnership

    Hi Miriam, Am i reading the new pricing correct in that the basic plan @ 129 per location does not include the aggregators?
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    Bulk Verification Question

    Thanks! We are working with them to make sure the website is accurate as well for the "location modifier" issue. Have you ever been able to do a bulk verification through domestic twitter support - just by asking :) ?
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    Bulk Verification Question

    Hi all, Has anyone successfully bulk verified a GMB account where the locations are using different versions of the business name? For a franchise, they are using [Business Name] of [Location] for each of their locations. The bulk verifications I have done have all had the same name per...
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    GMB Insights Reporting Bug?

    I think they are 2 different issues as well. I have accounts that have a normal view pattern at the beginning of the month that have no views or actions after 4/27.
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    GMB Insights Reporting Bug?

    Hi all, I am checking monthly insights for clients. I am seeing what visually looks like an insight reporting bug for views and wondered if anyone is seeing this as well. I am seeing it across several clients/accounts and across locations for my multi-location clients. There is a trough that...
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    Bulk Verification with existing unverified GMB listings

    Hi, I have a bulk verification I need to complete with 30+ locations. In researching the locations, I found several have existing unverified listings. Is this something Google with resolve in the verification process, meaning claiming these unverified listings vs creating new duplicate...
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    Express Update Coming to Canada

    Hi Colan, Thanks so much for that information! Patricia
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    Express Update Coming to Canada

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any update on this development and if there is a way to submit a business to the database, besides the email. Thanks!