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    Best practices for blogging, evergreen content, publish dates

    My team has published more than 2,000 articles to our blog over the last 13+ years. We've used the URL structure blog/year/mo/dy/page-title/ (e.g. blog/2019/10/16/hello-world/) since we launched it. I am rethinking our blog strategy of publishing 2-3 new posts a week, usually taking a slightly...
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    Store Visits in GA

    How does it know when someone visits a store?
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    Google My Business is Deprecating SMS for Messaging

    Seems like a ploy by Google to force everyone to install the GMB app
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    Found Local Service Ads in GMB (SIAP)

    How long before Google only shows ads in the results while giving us all the middle finger. :rolleyes:
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    How can I dominate the local pack please?

    How are you getting 25 high DA backlinks every month? An experienced SEO working full time for one client would have a difficult time achieving that.
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    Delivery Icons Appearing in the 3-Pack

    Here's something else possibly related I just noticed - an Ad for DoorDash in the GMB listing on the right side of the search results: I wonder if Google and DealDash have some sort of partnership.
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    Delivery Icons Appearing in the 3-Pack

    I'm still seeing it in Clearwater, Florida
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    Optimizing GMB questions please

    A 400 word article probably won't fit in a GMB post which has a limit of 1500 characters. When we publish a blog post, we put the title and excerpt into a Google Post and add a "Learn More" button people can tap to read the rest of the article on the blog.
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    Best Practices for Getting "Recommended" Yelp Reviews?

    Paving - roads, parking lots, driveways, etc
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    Best Practices for Getting "Recommended" Yelp Reviews?

    I have a client who has 16 reviews on Yelp but only 3 of them Yelp considers "recommended" and are displayed on the company profile and factor into the average rating. That's pretty frustrating for me and the client. 1) Is there anything that can be done to get Yelp to reconsider those 13 "not...
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    Rheem's Paid Link Program

    I'm in - Join the Rheem Team - Calling All Water Heating and HVAC Professionals - Rheem Manufacturing Company ;)
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    Google suspended all my 125 locations :( What to do?

    Yikes is right! I hope you get this resolved quickly. Keep us updated.
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    BrightLocal - Google My Business Insights Study

    Interesting study. I would be careful though not to assume causation rather than correlation. It makes sense to me that GMB listings that get a lot of actions also happen to be the ones that post a lot of photos. It's not necessary the photos that are causing the actions or that 100 is a magic...
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    How to find a direct link to leave a Google Review for your business

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the link. That's what I needed. And I guess it's good to know my client isn't the only one without the Short Name feature.