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    GMB Soft Suspension?

    It seems hard suspension to me related to account activity. Besides, it used to can connect to brand account such as YouTube, G+ (Not quite sure now). Either one having problem will lead to listing suspension as well. You may expect to got notified about 3-5 days after submitted...
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    Ongoing bug with Google posts? 🐛

    It is one type of post from mobile-only. You can't find it on the dashboard from the website view. I have tested myself on this. Quite interesting. BTW, not quite sure if affected by this update, I have observed images not showing on the map after uploaded since October.
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    GMB Bulk Upload Not Working

    @gpop Guess you have to wait for a while and try again. If I were you, I'll create one by one. At least finished at one day, unlike waiting for few days or even more than a week to upload that sheet. The limit has been change time by time since this year. Even zero listing in account still...