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    Does adding service areas create a radius?

    @ Darren Yeah, I haven't seen that a service area affects rankings when Google knows where the business is located. But I wonder about when the address is not specified in the dashboard, and there's only a service area. Have you tested out that situation yet? (I haven't.)
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    Are agencies allow to hold Google Analytics account data hostage?

    Hey Danielle, I don't know for sure, partly because I've never researched that question, but based on my experiences I would say the only question is: who owns the Google account? Google owns all the data, so the only variable is whose Google account holds the reins. If GA was set up in a...
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    Google Posts not disappearing after a week

    @nathangdavidson, interesting. I'm not seeing that phenomenon on my clients' knowledge panels. Do you have additional examples?
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    Does adding service areas create a radius?

    @SeoNoob, I suggest adding the in-between areas. The areas in red aren't necessarily covered by your service-area settings. Google hasn't yet figured out how to represent those on the map in a way that makes any sense. There is a "flyover country" phenomenon, where if I define a service area...
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    Create a short name & URL for your business

    Yeah, the value is unclear. If what's in the URL slug affects rankings, then it'll be abused in a flash, and won't be a net benefit. Not sure about any cosmetic benefits, just because searchers probably won't the the URL in the address bar, even after they've clicked on a listing. The only...
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    GMB listings not associating with address pages

    @Annika Neudecker, have you tried pulling up the generic address, selecting "Add a missing place," and then in the "name" field selecting that location of CubeSmart? (I'm now seeing "See results about [CubeSmart]" in the right-hand sidebar when I search for the address.)
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    Has anyone seen improved rankings from doing GMB posts consistently?

    @Seo Guru, I have not seen any rankings benefit from GMB posts. Doesn't meant there isn't any. Just means I haven't noticed it. But a trickle of GMB posts is still worth at least a little bit of your time. For a variety of reasons, including: 1. The alternative is for that space in your...
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    New start-up with 1 corporate headquarters that works with licensed professionals around the country?

    @LilyRayNYC, your client isn't eligible for any GMB pages (besides the one for its corporate HQ), for better or for worse. Wouldn't be eligible even if the therapists didn't have their own GMB pages already, but given that they do, the company's having additional GMB pages could create problems...
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    Can you get Google not to pull snippets for search results?

    @Dana Franks, there's only so much you can do. Google creates descriptions (and titles) on the fly as it sees fit. It depends mostly on the specific query. The only other thing you might try is to figure out which specific search terms (or families of search terms) prompt Google to grab...
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    How to list a mobile business that doesn't have a fixed address

    Just specify a "service area," and leave the address field blank. (Yes, these days the address is optional.) Of course, you'll need to receive the postcard if you want to owner-verify the page. That needs to be sent to a specific address. Maybe to wherever the boat is docked. You may need...
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    GMB Categories Bug: Must Save Twice

    Today, I've had to resubmit any changes to my clients' Google My Business categories, or the changes don't stick. I'll make a simple change (or a few changes), and will click "Apply," and the dashboard won't reflect the changes I just made. The good news is a 2nd attempt always seems to work...