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    Conflicts of interest for agency focusing on projects (and not on monthly clients)

    @Rich Owings, if you mainly work on a one-time, per-project basis, I think you can keep it real simple: just make it clear to per-project clients that your conflict-of-interest policy consists of (1) your common sense, (2) your good nature, and (3) the assumption you might work with those people...
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    Removing Facebook company pages - a little help?

    @Tim Colling, beats me. Perhaps not even Zuck could get a page removed. I assume you're talking about "unofficial" pages. If so, you'll probably just need just claim and merge them. You still may not get all of them, but you should be able to thin the herd.
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    Gather up question

    @ssjd2000, at one time - around 2011-2012 - Google did display review stars for homepage organic search results. But that was a while ago. As @Colan Nielsen alluded to, all other pages are eligible, and it sounds like you've implemented GatherUp correctly.
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    Do you press release for you listing?

    @osman, just to announce the creation of a Google My Business page? Never. There is no point. To announce the opening of a new business, the opening of a new location of an existing business, or an exceptionally good piece of content? Occasionally. If it's a well-written release - and if...
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    Should I Create a New Email Address For Citation Work?

    @Kevin Marshall, definitely. You'll want the dedicated email address - preferably on your client's domain - not only for convenience, but also because the alternative is for your client to get hammered by annoying emails from the various directories. If you're not able to get a domain email...
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    Backlinks to GMB page??

    @Adam Bament, there is no discernible benefit in getting links to your GMB page. Partly because it's not really a page anymore, and partly because your site needs all the good, relevant links it can get.
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    Local Questionnaire For Franchisees

    @nwinezog, your prompts are good, as are @Margaret Ornsby's. Some additional ideas are in this resource I put together a few years ago: City Pages for Local SEO Most of those aren't specific to the restaurant industry, so here are some items you might add to your questionnaire: 7. What are...
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    Organization Has GMB Listing but Serves No Customers

    @Ellen, if you really want that GMB page not to show up in the knowledge panel, I suggest you try the following in this order or all at once: 1. Remove the website (landing page) URL. 2. Strip out the address. (No need to replace it with a "service area," though.) 3. Rename the listing to...
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    Citations for multiple GMB listings

    @Tim#, there's a lot to comment on, but maybe that's for another day. To address only your question: if your 3-pack rankings are the only concern, adding the place-name modifier to your directory listings isn't worth the effort. But it may help your visibility on those sites, in the sense of...
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    Citations for multiple GMB listings

    @Tim#, in general, you're supposed to name all of those locations the same thing, with no place-name modifiers. If you add those modifiers, Google is unlikely to remove them automatically. More likely is that a competitor will submit an edit (that Google approves) to remove it from your name...
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    DA & Citation/Review Site Value

    @Stefan Somborac, here are the main things I pay attention to: 1. Does the site rank somewhere on the first couple of pages of results for a search term you care about? 2. Does the site rank on the first page (or two) of results when you search by name for a specific high-ranking competitor...
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    Internal Linking - Do Main Menu Links Count?

    @Beris, they count in at least one sense, which is that Google Search Console shows nav links (under "Links" -> "Internal Links"), so clearly Google knows about them. But I second Joy's advice: if you want Google to pay special attention to a page, you'll need also to weave in some contextual...
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    Too much home page text?

    @djbaxter, for what it's worth, I agree that it's good to avoid creating content so long it becomes a sand traps for mobile users. In general, though, I'd keep the bites small by breaking them up with other scenery (e.g. photos), rather than by keeping the whole page brief. As long as a clear...
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    Does responding to Google reviews in Dental Industry break Patient Confidentiality?

    @Noelle Leahy, only a mushy and generic response is HIPAA-compliant (if it's a US dental practice). It can't dispute or otherwise mention specifics of a patient's case, as in "Funny you said we 'ruined your whole mouth', because we installed only one implant." That is the big no-no, and an...
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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    @ChloeButterfill, a few good'uns: Moz Local's "check listing. (I also use the paid service for certain clients.) The AdWords Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool. Whitespark's Google Review Link Generator Most-used paid tool? Ahrefs. As I've written, all third-party tools are a distant second to...
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    @sarmcl, is it possible your client ever advertised on Whitepages? If the business has been around for a while, and especially if the business has had a few marketing/SEO companies, often yesteryear's spray-n'-pray advertising is responsible for mysterious phone numbers. Also did you ask the...
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    I Had Supposed SEO GURU Say I Was Messing Up His Clients SEO Work.

    @joonseo, as others have said, we don't know many specifics. But I can say that, based on what you describe, the other SEO's gripes are at least plausible. I assume you created a Google My Business page to accompany the 2nd site. In that case, a few things that can result from a "test" like...
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    Business listing merging issue

    @Durandl, why does your client want to merge the other 2 listings? From what you say, he shouldn't have those listings at all. If those listings have Google reviews, you can probably get the reviews transferred. Adding and showing signage at your client's house shouldn't be necessary, given...
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    Wondered if anyone has a list of businesses that trigger the maps

    @James, I suspect only a couple of engineers at Google have seen that list, because it would run from Land's End to John o' Groats. The list gets longer and closer to infinite by the year, partly because Google continually gets better at realizing that adding a city/place name to just about any...
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    Too much home page text?

    @Rich Owings, no. Hell no. There's no such thing as too long; only too boring. Also, in my experience, the homepage has the greatest shot at ranking for a wide variety of search terms, often in the most cities/towns. (I can only speculate as to why.) Subpages: not so much. Having plenty of...
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    Creating City Pages

    @Toy2004, I would *suggest option #1. It's more logical and cleaner. Because you don't have "locations" in those places, option #2 may confuse or mislead people. Also, the structure will still make sense even if you decide to get rid of the "city" pages. You'll still have the...
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    Listing sharing almost the same name

    @Belen C, a few suggestions: 1. Consider tuning up the landing page for one of the hotels, so it's more relevant to a specific part of town. I see one of them is very near the Racine quartier. On that hotel's landing page, you may want to optimize for "near Racine quartier" -type search...
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    Bilingual GMB

    @lindsaykavanagh, did that work for your client's business? The Starbucks example may not reflect what happens for another business, because "Starbucks" is just a brand name and not really a word that translates. (Unless a language accommodates loan words - e.g. スターバッ)
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    Local Queries Going Straight to LSA Landing Page?

    @CraigJMount, thanks. I'll confess to the "scholar" part. Yeah, I don't think this is should be much cause for concern. For a host of reasons, one of which is that Google has been testing LSAs forever, on a limited scale. If LSAs worked really well (for Google and for advertisers and maybe...
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    Local Queries Going Straight to LSA Landing Page?

    @JoyHawkins, no. I clicked on an ad, and then clicked the "Plumbers" link in the breadcrumbs (in the upper-left corner).
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    Local Queries Going Straight to LSA Landing Page?

    @CraigJMount, if you search for a service-area business in San Diego, you'll see plenty of examples of that. (E.g. "San Diego plumber.") What I find interesting is there's a directory-type functionality:;;;;;;;; I'm...
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    Creating City Pages

    @Toy2004, unless those pages are for extremely niche services (e.g. "Local SEO for Taxidermists in Montana"), or unless you can get some heavy-duty links to those pages, it is unrealistic to expect them to rank.
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    "Brand" knowledge panels and MREIDs - what are they good for?

    @Tim Colling, does the question boil down to "My client is in Wikipedia; how much benefit can I wring out of that?"
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    Listing sharing almost the same name

    @Belen C, do you - or your guests - have a "nickname" for each of the hotels? Like "Casablanca Suites North" and "Casablanca Suites South"? (If so, there are a couple of steps I suggest.)
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    Changed to SAB and Traffic Dropped Big Time

    @JoyHawkins (and @Tim Colling), I've gotten a couple of "Private place or home" edits approved, resulting in the removal of the listing. Google doesn't approve them often, but does occasionally.
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    Unable to Add Free Listing To YP Due To "" sales.

    @Jeremy Web Flux Marketing, yes and no. No, in the sense that YP's "suggest an edit" feature works pretty well to edit listings. My helper mostly uses that, and I've had a few occasions to use it recently, and YP often accepts the edits. To add a new listing, you might try the "suggest a...
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    How to get a DNS-verified Search Console domain to connect with Google Analytics?

    Not that I know of. But I'm interested to find out, if possible. 1. Do you have admin-level permissions for each property (GA and GSC)? 2. Are they in the same Google account? 3. Why did you verify GSC with DNS configuration, and not with another method?
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    Yelp Review Filter Just Got Stricter?

    @JoyHawkins, it's hard for me to tell. Checked out a few clients' Yelp reviews. The only cases where I see strangely high numbers of recent reviews in the meat locker are where the reviewers aren't active Yelpers. Their reviews probably would have been filtered anyway. There's a certain...
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    Bilingual GMB

    @lindsaykavanagh, no, business names are not translated. Everything else on the GMB page is translated, depending on the language the searcher specifies in Search Settings: the fields, the buttons, the description, and the reviews. But not the name.
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    Someone trying to change GMB location name, EVERY DAY

    @Tim Colling, it sounds like you're at the receiving end of "spam patrol," perhaps of the kind I often suggest to people and help with for certain clients. (That's just my term for the process of submitting edits on competitors' GMB pages to make sure they align with GMB policies; I am not...
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    Thinking about opening second branch

    @wexed, I assume it's a physical office, with non-maid employees there during business hours, and not a bogus "satellite location." In other words, I assume it complies with the GMB guidelines. If so, here are some additional considerations for choosing where to set up camp: 1. Not too near a...
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    HIPAA Form for SEO Consultant

    @Ron Russell, yeah, that's pretty standard. A couple of my doctor clients have asked me to fill that out. But most of the time I haven't had to, simply because most of the time I don't come into contact with patients' info. The stipulations are reasonable, though your client may have put a...
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    Does Google remove erroneous reviews without being prompted?

    @Nikki Stine, great question. It's been impossible for me to tell. When a review vanishes without my having flagged it, it's possible (1) someone else flagged it, (2) the reviewer removed it, or (3) the reviewer's behavior is so fishy that Google pulls many of his/her reviews. I haven't seen...
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    Backlink Strategy for Brick and Mortar Gift Shop

    @Ted J. , some stones to turn over: 1. Local farmers' market(s). If not as a vendor, you could get a link as a sponsor. Also, you'd come into contact with other people who may have things they could sell at your store (and you could probably squeeze a link out of them in the process). 2. If...
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    Is this a duplicate listing?

    @DiGesu, no. Google is extremely unlikely to scrape that Chamber listing and use it to auto-generate an unwanted GMB page. Whichever option you choose doesn't tie in much with your Google Maps visibility (as long as you get a solid link out of the deal). Not sure why your local Chamber of...
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    Address Schema on all pages?

    @Jo Shaer, it's still a good idea to put that info on every page, at least for a bricks-and-mortar business. With or without Schema.
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    Google Glitch Showing Old Review As Newest

    @Brian.Hastie, there's not much you can do other than keep flagging the review. Sad to say. But I'm curious: 1. Did the reviewer edit his review (as far as you can tell)? 2. Does that business have another location? (I wonder whether the review got transferred from another one listing to...
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    Ranking ups and downs of linking to third party sites

    @ChristianRdz, what @Margaret Ornsby said. Very good advice. A few additional thoughts: 1. Think twice about adding widgets and badges and the like. Those may slow down your load-time, or may render oddly. 2. I wouldn't link to those listings only in an attempt to jack up their rankings...
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    "More about [business]" dropdown in local knowledge panel: new?

    @JoyHawkins, I may :) 'Course, don't know what I'd say about it, given how scrawny this feature is.
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    Two Phone Numbers for Business

    @chrish, in general, the only times it's not a bad idea to use the same phone number are when you've got either (1) "practitioner" listings or (2) "department" listings. Sounds like neither is applicable here. An ecommerce-only site isn't eligible to have a Google My Business page, so in this...
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    "More about [business]" dropdown in local knowledge panel: new?

    Anyone seen this mini-accordion feature in the KP? Not much functionality (yet?). If you click "More" you see the business's Q&A. If you click "Less" the Q&A section is hidden once more. That seems to be the only action. In any case, you have to scroll up to see whatever you wanted to...