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    Competitor using UPS Store

    @xds40, what @Colan Nielsen said. Three other things I suggest: 1. If Google won't remove the listing and won't fix the address, try to add a listing with the correct address. A duplicate can help you in a few ways. 2. Try to get his Yelp, YP, and maybe other listings fixed. Those two sites...
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    Positive Reviews disappeared

    @MaxAdventures, multi-part answer: 1. Google reviews can get filtered, unfiltered, and re-filtered again. They're never quite on terra firma. 2. The occasional bug does crawl into Google's reviews silo. 3. Whenever you check on your reviews, do you sort them by "Newest"? Sometimes Google...
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    Category being displayed isn't one client has selected

    @nathangdavidson, Google Maps has a different line-up of categories from the categories Google My Business lets you choose, and Google Maps sometimes associates those different categories with your page. Also, Google often shows different GMB categories for your listing based on the search...
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    Multi Location Schema

    @mikepetersonwi, I suggest having all 3 NAP blobs (with or without Schema) in the footer, along with links to each "location" page. The result, of course, is that each page of the site has the NAP info of each location. (No, that does not confuse Google, from what I've seen.) The main content...
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    Building Citations to a webpage

    @Oliver Keates, you'll need to elaborate. Are there two locations of the business? If so, do you plan to use different landing page URLs for each Google My Business page? (That is, put different URLs in the "website" field.) What do you mean by "NAPs and phone numbers"? ("NAP" refers to...
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    6 year old GMB listing suspended!

    @Tscplumbing: 1. Does the new address show on the page, or did you fill out the "Areas Served" section instead? 2. Did you also update the address on your site and on your non-Google listings (Yelp, YP, BBB, etc.)?
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    Suggest an edit · Manage this listing

    @hajnasiewicz, are you certain those pages aren't duplicates of the pages you've claimed?
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    Acxiom's Directory will close at the end of the year

    @dookie, not to parachute in and answer for @DiGesu, but my understanding is that we won't be able to manage listings as of 12/31/19. It will still be worth squaring away your listings on InfoGroup and LocalEze. Here's a list of sites I generally recommend bothering with...
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    Yahoo Local Tool

    @JoshuaMackens, I'm down. (phil at localvisibilitysystem dot com)
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    Using Bold Page Title Okay or No No.

    @joonseo, I don't see the harm. Google rewrites title tags constantly anyway. If Google doesn't like it, Google will change it.
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    Getting backlinks to rank on a different city

    @DiGesu, given all of that, I'd definitely point the links to your homepage. You'll want to add a paragraph (to the homepage) in which you describe your service area. Re. #4: you wouldn't be eligible for a 2nd GMB page, just to target city B.
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    Should I Create a New Email Address For Citation Work?

    @Mike Vannington, everything is a trade-off. Sometimes a dedicated Gmail address is the way to go, for the reasons you mentioned. But it just depends on the particulars (the client, who's working on the listings, how much of the work is clean-up vs. creating new listings, etc.).
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    Getting backlinks to rank on a different city

    @DiGesu, I'd probably list the homepage, but it depends on the particulars of your situation. 1. Is city B near city A? 2. Is your business a service-area business (and not bricks-and-mortar)? 3. Does your homepage rank well in city A, or for search terms specific to city A? 4. Do you have a...
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    Acxiom's Directory will close at the end of the year

    @DiGesu, that's always been the case. Simply having an Acxiom listing never was a good way to get your NAP info out there, because Acxiom's network was relatively small, and because it seemed to take forever for those other sites to pick up your info. Nonetheless, it was just important enough...
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    Should I Create a New Email Address For Citation Work?

    @Mike Vannington, besides the simple reason that you own a domain email and aren't subject to Google's policies and whims, the benefit of a domain email is that the "support" people at a given directory are more likely to act on your requests. It's clearer that you're associated with the...
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    Acxiom's Directory will close at the end of the year

    @DiGesu, I had heard about that last month. (Long story.) Good news, as far as I'm concerned. Simplifies things a little.
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    Conflicts of interest for agency focusing on projects (and not on monthly clients)

    @Margaret Ornsby, yeah, it is good to offer both kinds of help (ongoing and one-time). I mostly do long-term work for people, but often the one-time arrangements lead into ongoing work.