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    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    So extremely frustrating. After 10 days of deliberation I heard back from the support team today and was told that because the review does not violate any guidelines, it will not be removed. The review in question is the only non 5 star review at a small business with only 9 total reviews, and...
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    Backlink not showing on Google Console

    Hard to say without actually being able to see the link, but recently I have discovered that a lot of publications that write guest post style content where the link may seem unnatural will 302 to the final destination or use some other work around as to purposely not pass the link equity.
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    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    I've spoken with someone through chat 3 times now but have not been contacted through email yet, although I was told a couple days ago that I would be. The review I am trying to get removed is not from an ex employee, but looks like it might be from a competitor is it's obviously very fake...
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    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    24 hours later and still the fake review persists on my profile! Chatted again with the support team for the 3rd time today and they said they are still working on it. It has been 8 days since they originally informed me that the review would be removed. Going to keep my journal of sorrow here.
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    Google Guaranteed icon question

    Check this out:
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    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    I spoke with a representative through GChat support last week who said they would have the fake review removed in 72 hours but 5 days later it still persists. I chatted with them again today and was told I would receive some sort of contact from them within 24 hours. The review is so obviously...
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    How Hard Is It to Outrank Yelp and Other Directory Websites in the SERPs?

    It depends on the query, can you send any examples? With some queries, you can tell the users intent is to look for a directory style website, which may make it very difficult to compete. I work in an industry where a large percentage of users will go to a third party site while they are...
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    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    Thanks for the GChat idea Belen. I have been trying to remove a spammy review for 9 months with no luck. Trying GChat now and will follow up on my results.
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    GMB Sample/Demo Profile

    I think your best bet is to simply find real world examples of profiles you think are world class to use as examples. Or, if you are showing the examples to a potential client you can show them the profiles that outrank them for their most important keywords so that you can exemplify why...
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    Google Analytic Inaccurate Traffic

    Having two js files is definitely going to cause tracking issues! goodluck solving the problem
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    Google Analytic Inaccurate Traffic

    It's highly probably you have your GA tracking implementation setup incorrectly. Can you send the website, and the URL that is showing up in GA?
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    Would you change the name of a listing that is not optimized?

    Your GMB name needs to match your business's actual name. Here are the guidelines on what you can and cannot do with business names directly from Google's mouth: Guidelines for representing your business on Google - Google My Business Help I wouldn't suggest adding any keywords to the GMB...