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    Best Contact for Google Support?

    Hi Meghan it's definitely getting harder to get in touch directly with GMB support - the second link you provided is usually the one I use though you may have to access it at different times during the day on occasion as sometimes it doesn't always work.
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    Remove Photo From Location Listing

    Glad it got sorted Caleb! And you're making me blush Linda :)
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    Remove Photo From Location Listing

    Hi Caleb Are you still seeing the image? It should have been removed now (I'm still seeing it, but think that is because it takes so long for servers to update between the US and Australia ;) ) Cheers Priya
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    Remove Photo From Location Listing

    Thanks Caleb, I'll see what we can do :)
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    Remove Photo From Location Listing

    Caleb If you post over on the GMB Support Forum we should be able to get the photo removed. Notifications over on the forum are pretty bad so please post a link to that forum thread here once you've posted :)
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    Maps listings don't match pins?

    Hi Paul Most cleaning companies would be classified as Service Area Businesses as they visit a customer rather than the customer coming to their location. As such, their business address is hidden and not shown on the map. And since Google expects that carpet cleaning companies would all be...
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    Knowledge Card Logo

    oh there's a lot that doesn't make sense about GMB / local sometimes Joshua ;) Like hiding a phone number on desktop under 'more information' so it doesn't show up in the Knowledge panel - just because I'm searching on desktop doesn't mean I don't want to phone the business Google!!
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    Knowledge Card Logo

    Hi Joshua Mike Blumenthal has written in the past that he's been told "images were selected to improve the Map experience. IE an exterior photo that would help a person know what they were looking for when traveling was preferable to an image like a logo that offered no real world benefit."...
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    What Julia Child's wire whisk can teach you about Local Search success

    Well, I say Julia Child but really I mean Miriam Ellis who uses the story of Julia Child selling out Pittsburgh's stock of wire whisks to demonstrate local search success in the modern era. I seriously love this article and I'll no doubt be reading it again and again. <a...
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    Online Review Incentives: Smart Marketing or Asking for Trouble?

    Hi Joshua That's the way I've always interpreted their guidelines - Google encourages businesses to ask for reviews (unlike Yelp) but not allowed to offer a reward for leaving a review.
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    Online Review Incentives: Smart Marketing or Asking for Trouble?

    Hi Jay In my opinion you're skating close to the edge with Google given their guidelines on asking for reviews: "Don?t offer or accept money, products, or services to write reviews for a business or to write negative reviews about a competitor."...
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    Knowledge Card Logo

    Hi Joshua I'm assuming you've indicated your preferred photo right? ( I'm pretty sure that Google is still picking non-logo photos over logos so if you've put a logo as preferred, then try switching it to a non-logo photo to see if that...
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    Google moving into the Fitness realm (kind of)

    Very interesting blog post from Google: To book a fitness class, visit the Reserve with Google site on desktop or mobile web. There you can search for fitness studios near you, get great recommendations for fun new classes, or book a spot in the session you already know and love...
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    Inconsistent & Conflicting Knowledge Panels in G Search

    Hi Lee welcome to the forum! I'm assuming the Monroe site is significantly older than the Everett site? Or were the GMB pages both set up at the same time? It seems like Google is placing more trust in the Monroe site, which is why I ask. A couple of things I noticed about your Everett...
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    Google My Business

    hi cinemasystems The links you provided went to Yelp and your website respectively so I can't confirm the details of your Google Business profiles. Can you provide the Map links to the listings in question? It sounds like you can probably get the two listings merged as a duplicate but I need...