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    Flagging Fake Reviews

    Has anyone had any success with getting fake reviews taken down with the report a problem flag next to review on Google listings? If so which option did you choose, how long did it take, etc. Appreciate any help.
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    Review Snippet Stars Gone

    I just came on here to post that I am seeing no more stars for Yelp for the most part in the serps. I have been waiting for this day for a long time really hope it sticks I hate Yelp!
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    Google Home Service Ads

    As many of you know the test for Home Service Ads in San Francisco Plumbers / Locksmiths has been live for about 3 months now. I've been observing and one thing that I was most curious on is how would this effect reviews for those companies. I figured if you have to "hire" a company customers...
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    Multiple Locations w/ Multiple Services

    Definitely different ways to skin a cat Eric. I have seen the same thing when aggressively targeting multiple keywords with one page, headings and tagging pics with secondary keywords, etc = poor rankings. Seems like when you give G information overload on what to rank it ranks nothing or at...
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    Multiple Locations w/ Multiple Services

    Here are my thoughts. If you are creating citations and building other links it will likely be towards the /city-st/ and for that reason I like to use this page for my main keyword and then make a decision on whether or not to silo based on the competition and niche. For the example I used...
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    Multiple Locations w/ Multiple Services

    Is this theory or have you tested both ways? I have my thoughts but would like to see if anyone else has experience.
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    Local Stack Mess

    Petco is a bad example. They target pet supplies over grooming.
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    Multiple Locations w/ Multiple Services

    Just curious on how each of you would approach a business with multiple locations targeting multiple services/keywords. Multiple locations is easy just create page for each location and build links to those pages but what if you are trying to rank for multiple terms in that location. Do you...
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    No More Gold Stars on Organic Results?

    Hopefully Yelp is next
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    Official Launch: Google Home Service Ads - Some Observations

    I understand what you guys are saying but I don't think it is going to be pay and get to the top like some may think. My guess is it is going to be a flat fee for a lead in each niche and there is an algorithm within the list of businesses to determine who shows up first and here is why... When...
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    Google Testing 100% Pay-To-Play Nearby Local Business Ads At Top of SERPs

    While this is no surprise, I noticed something that I haven't seen anyone else talk about. I was wondering how their "select 3" and receive a quote feature was going to work if someone just sees the phone number on page 1 of search results. Searched the phone number and business name, low and...
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    Official Launch: Google Home Service Ads - Some Observations

    How do you figure? If they actually follow through with criminal background checks, qualifications, insurance, etc like they are planning on, it will eliminate or at least greatly reduce spammers across the board. Also if you have to pay to play, there won't be inactive businesses or as many...
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    Study On Click-through Rate and Average Ranking Trends

    It is a factor but just one of many. If it wasn't so easy to manipulate I think it would be hold more weight than it does.
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    1 company, 2 locations (one physical, one service) - what to tell google?

    Sorry Linda but I disagree. He has 2 legitimate locations, it would be silly not to use them both. Put a sign in front or on the door so it is is blatantly obvious the company is there. If you are postcard verified it is unlikely you will have issues. If you do you can call Google support, they...
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    Home Inspection Business - Should address be shown?

    Increase website organic rankings, continue to add content to G+ page, reviews.