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    Problems/Delays Getting New Referring Domains/Backlinks Indexed

    Check out this thread... Citations not indexed - Local Search Forum
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    Correct Schema category

    There are ways to structure schema to show multiple types. But I would be more concerned that all of these major terms you want to rank for are used and discussed in the homepage text.
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    Correct Schema category

    See the last couple of sections of this article by @Phil Rozek re: productontology... How to Pick (or Improvise) the Right Markup for Your Local Business |
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    Local Search Events

    Will do. He's got an email address on his website, so I'll use that one. Thanks!
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    Local Search Events

    @JoyHawkins -- Ooh, I'd love to. I've got lots of event organizing experience. And Asheville is on so many lists of places to visit. How do I start?
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    Local Search Events

    I'd love to see another Local U in the southeast or mid-Atlantic sometime. The one in Williamsburg was one of the best conferences I ever attended. And the pricing was very reasonable. @JoshuaMackens here's a way to go to MozCon for free... Step into the Spotlight as a Community Speaker at...
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    No Pindrop on Embed Link

    Is it possible that the GMB listing puts #A on the first line of the street address? Suite numbers should go on the second line. Also, when doing an embed, you should search maps for the business, not the address.
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    Dramatic bounce rate change tied to GTM

    Unknown. I don't have access to their GTM account. But I checked and it is still holding steady at 85%. They have a lot of blog content that they rank well for nationally, that would lead to single page sessions, but I can't imagine it pushing their bounce rate that high.
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    Help pls - Same building, same brand, different companies - Google say no.

    I had a situation where an architect wanted to add a listing for their construction business operating out of the same address. They had separate phone numbers but only one website. The listing was approved but then Google merged the listings a few weeks later.
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    Pediatrics & ortho using same office space

    If you want them to have two different Google business listings, then yes, they need different phone numbers.
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    Pediatrics & ortho using same office space

    They would also need separate websites.