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    Interesting BBB stats

    Wait, correlation doesn't equal causation? o_O;)
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Looking for a little clarification here... Are these hard or soft suspensions? In other words, does the listing still show on Google and you've just lost you ability to manage it (soft suspension)? Or has it vanished from Google Maps / map pack results entirely (hard suspension)?
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    What kind of schema json markup for a Service Area Business?

    I wonder if you could use this: additionalType -
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    Interesting BBB stats

    Yes, and contrast the above with this!... Google Does Not Use BBB Or Other Trust Building Sites For Ranking "Google's John Mueller confirmed yesterday in a video hangout that Google does not use the BBB, Better Business Bureaus score or reviews as well as other third-party trust sites in their...
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    Interesting BBB stats

    Came across this today: 150k Small Business Website Teardown 2019 • Fresh Chalk This finding stood out: "Sites that mention the BBB outrank those that without a mention by a median 18%."
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    Google Maps: Business Name Search vs. Business Address Search

    Those are two entirely different queries. The address query returns street view imagery, to help the searcher identify the address from the street. The business query shows the photo the business owner added via GMB.
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    GMB without physical address

    I've never seen any evidence of that. @RICKDO Perhaps searcher location and proximity were responsible for what you were seeing.
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Another question... Does adding several secondary categories count as multiple edits?
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    We had our first SEObeersAsheville meetup last night and one of the attendees told me he's recently gotten suspensions when logging in and making changes via the owner's account. Unfortunately I neglected to ask him if he made multiple edits (I blame the beer for that!).
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    Moz/Uberall Partnership

    @MiriamEllis When I go to to the menu item Moz Local > Check Online Presence, I get taken to a sales page.
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    @Chaddow that brings up an interesting point... How many of you who have seen suspensions, have had them happen when changes were made via (a) an agency dashboard account, (b) your non-agency dashboard account, or (c) the business owner's account?
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Is this just affecting agencies? Has anyone seen a suspension after a client made a change?
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    VIDEO TIP: How to Make a Direct Google Reviews Link

    This works on mobile:
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    Speed Plugin for WordPress sites

    Caching plugins are a pain and can break things. I suggest finding a web developer who is good at load speed and outsource it to them. I've got a guy I use locally and I've had him optimize any client sites that were slow.
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    What's your favorite mobile emulator for desktop?

    This article got me wondering about workflow: SEO Poll: Many SEOs Still Focusing On Desktop Page Analysis I suspect many of us sit in front of desktop monitors all day. There are so many tools we rely on that keep us tethered there. I pull out my phone to check mobile search results, and how a...
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    Apple Maps is so slow to correct errors

    Thanks, @sarmcl. I suspect it's easier to fix those kind of issues than it is to correct an address error or placement on the map. Those are the ones that it's hard for me to resolve. Have you ran into that?
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    Switching from service area business to address

    Thanks @Colan Nielsen. So if it triggers a reverification, it will still show in search results, they just won't be able to edit the listing till completing the verification, right? I'm curious why you're curious. :) Do you suspect that it might boost or reduce traffic? I'm going to run this...
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    Apple Maps is so slow to correct errors

    It doesn't seem to matter how many people report an error to Apple Maps, it takes many months to get something fixed. I've submitted to all their major map data suppliers too, and corrected pin locations on Does anyone have any suggestions about ways to speed things up...
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    Switching from service area business to address

    I know people have ran into issues with clearing their address triggering a reverification when changing to an SAB, but what about the other direction? Will switching from a service area business to showing the address cause a reverification? Here's the situation: Client has a walking tour...
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    Moz/Uberall Partnership

    So the price for data aggregators doubled. Here's another concern I have... I wonder if your listings will revert if you cancel, like what happens at Yext.
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    GMB Suspensions After Being Granted Access

    Sheesh! So if I want to go in and add five additional categories, is that enough to trigger a suspension? If it's safer, I can just ask the owner to do it.
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    Trying to Find Category for 'General Contractor' in Canada

    This may help: PlePer Tools - Google My Business Categories - Full List ( 2019 )
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    6 year old GMB listing suspended!

    It takes a week or so to hear from GMB via Twitter these days. Hopefully they will get back to you soon. Make sure you've updated the address on your website.
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    Backlinking Citations: Is this a "Thing"?

    Check out this thread: Citations not indexed - Local Search Forum
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    Which is easier to rank? Claim existing listing or create new listing?

    There may be some ranking value in the age of the GMB listing. I would work with GMB support to merge them. If there are photos or reviews, the dates on those may give you some indication of age of each listing.
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    Yext Class Action Suit?

    Yext feeds some of these sites, just like Moz Local does.
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    The Top 5 Factors for a Review to be marked Most Relevant

    Thanks for sharing, @razorclicks!
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    Areaserved Schema - English counties/US states?

    I haven't looked into it closely, but I wonder if you could use geographicArea. Perhaps you can test it to see if it validates.
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    Is There A Way To Avoid Google Confirmation Text/Calls?

    @Cherie Dickey, that's what I do, but I worry about having so many client accounts tied to my own GMB login.
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    Schema: part 1. Is schema code effective when inserted into the body of a page, not into a header

    Understand how structured data works | Search | Google Developers says it can be used in the body or head.
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    Yext Class Action Suit?

    Yes, and it's even interactive:
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    Phone verification issues for business with extension directories

    @Igor This dropped off my radar. I meant to grab screenshots the other day when I did one of these, but once you click the call me button, you'll see some options on how to deal with extensions.
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    Conflicts of interest for agency focusing on projects (and not on monthly clients)

    @Phil Rozek and @Margaret Ornsby thanks for the feedback. One thing I've been doing is offering exclusivity during the project contract period, with the option of extending it post-project with an ongoing services contract. The brewery leads are going to make it interesting though. There are...