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    Does google piece together kw's from sentence?

    True, but make the text readable and user-friendly.
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    Weird URLs in Google Analytics

    I came across this issue on a site a week or two ago. Go into the Google Analytics Admin > View > View Settings and get rid of the Default Page. I'm betting it's set to index.html. Those numbers you're seeing aren't really for 404s. They are for the URL's minus the index.html suffix.
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    Updates in the business category

    Interesting. My one hotel client had a suggested category update show up in the last day or two -- from boutique hotel to hotel.
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    TripAdvisor Optimization Tips?

    Unknown, but I would be looking at those two factors, along with how active they are on their profile (adding new photos, etc.).
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    TripAdvisor Optimization Tips?

    How do they stack up in terms of recent reviews and frequency of reviews?
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    Social media tools that push Google Posts out?

    I know there are WP plugins, but does anyone know of social media tools that push Google Posts out? Something that can post to FB, Twitter and Google Posts?
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    Google temporarily unable to transfer reviews

    Got this thru the GMB Twitter account this morning...
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    Which link to use for company Google profile and reviews?

    I know of no way to have highlight reviews.
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    Which link to use for company Google profile and reviews?

    Do a search for your business. Click the "Write a review" link in the knowledge panel Copy the URL At the end of the URL, change ,3,,, to ,1,,, and then use that URL
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    Getting two side-by-side businesses of the same type to show up on Google Maps

    Yep, I'm betting it will continue to get filtered.
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    Oh, without a doubt. But I love how using such a service can increases review frequency/recency, and get you more star icons in SERPs.
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    It means you ask for feedback and reviews that come to you first, and then you can ask them to share it on Google, etc. These reviews can be posted on your website and since they came to you first, they can never be taken away or filtered. Done properly, you can add review schema markup to your...
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    Issue with Google Reviews Disappearing

    This is another reason to be collecting first-party reviews. Google and Yelp can never filter them or take them away.
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Also, Joy... It sounds like you are making individual changes, right?
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    Suspension - First one in a long time

    Are new suspensions still happening after minor changes? I've asked a few clients to make one change at a time, but I've been afraid to touch any listings directly. Is it safe to do so again?
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    Local Search Ads (LSA) setup question

    Thanks @TomW. I think the client (a plumber in Asheville, NC) may have reached out to you for assistance. I told them you were the expert on LSAs!
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    Is having "inc" at the end of the brand an issue?

    Google says "your name should reflect your business’ real-world name, as used consistently on your storefront, website, stationery, and as known to customers." I never include Inc., LLC, etc. Guidelines for representing your business on Google - Google My Business Help
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    Adding MORE photos to a GMB profile - - any value

    @Belen C Was this a single test? Which image was uploaded first?
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    Local SEO

    Add at least a paragraph or two about what you do and the services you offer.
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    No local result with only 1 competitor in region

    One other thing I would do is add their NAP sitewide.
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    GMB rating stars in SERP

    I thought so too, but I've seen others say this isn't so, and I can no longer find it in the guidelines.
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    Yelp's "Best 10" lists?

    Recency of reviews perhaps?
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    GMB Shortname - naming conventions

    I don't know if it's been mentioned or not, but sharing in Google Maps now uses short name URLs.
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    Accurate Local Listing Scan

    I used to rely on Moz Local, at least for an initial scan for prospects. Here's the best free tool I know of: N.A.P. HUNTER!. It's from @Andrew Shotland
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    Local Search Ads (LSA) setup question

    @CraigJMount, thanks for taking the time to reply. I also saw this, which leads me to think they should go with GMB:
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    Local Search Ads (LSA) setup question

    We're starting to see LSAs in the Asheville area, and I've got a client who wants to sign up. He manages his GMB and Google Ads through different accounts. Does it matter which one he uses to sign up?
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    When a business is attacked via GMB ratings

    Sounds algorithmic. I'm guessing that when the velocity of reviews increases way beyond what is historical for that business or category, this could kick in.