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    Yext Class Action Suit?

    Totally agreed, same here. At least they should allow you to update the address at no charge, my business is listed with my 20 years old address and if I want to change it, I have to pay. That’s no right. Rick

    GMB without physical address

    Thank you! Will do and see.

    GMB without physical address

    Look what happened to my business. I was on the 3 pack for a long time with my old address, i verified my listing with my new address and hide it because I serve my clients to their location, right after my position dropped all the way to the bottom. What the h..!! Now I don’t know if I should...

    Locations With Two Websites

    One of my competition operate from a big house, one address and had for long time been using 3 diferentes names for the same Transportation business and vehicles. They have been reported, they are on top listing on Yelp and Google map. So for a legit business like the one mentioned here...

    Advice Local Directory Listing Service - Suggestions or Advice

    No budget left available for the rest of the year for this kind of work. I’m one man small business operation and been in business for over 20 years so I check and I have over 20 citations with my very old address. I was able to update only 3 or 4 myself. My question to the experts is, what is...

    How has your experience been so far with Google's Redressal Complaint Form?

    Thanks for the follow up. Submitted few days ago so I think for what I read it takes a little while but I’ll be checking. This guys are also spamming the same way Yelp and TripAdvisor with 3 different listings. Unreal.

    How has your experience been so far with Google's Redressal Complaint Form?

    Name of the entity or organization that is getting impacted. * Here goes my company’s name or the spammer’s? Sorry a little confused.

    The spammers are at it again with a lot of listings

    Does google keep the spammer reporter private? In my lineif business there is a competitor with same address 3 different listings. They just use different names and url

    Switched to business area and went so BAD!

    Oh man! I think you are so right but you killing me. Thank you so much for your help. First I don’t think a competitor would care or pay attention to that. I’ll go ahead and get rid of the address as you suggested and see what happen, been suspended for a while and been buried at the...
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    Switched to business area and went so BAD!

    I had my limousine service showing on the 3 pack consistently even was not verified. Then I decided to verify it and switched to my physical address even though I serve clients at their location and right away my listing dropped from 3rd position to 14th. My question to you guys is should I...