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    Tutorial for Learning Google My Business API?

    Would love to get my hands on an extensive tutorial too.
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    Anyone familiar w/ Advanced Custom Fields (for WordPress)?

    I'm using ACF quit a lot, but I'm not familiar with Beaver Builder. Most WP projects are created from scratch. ACF saves me lots of time adding custom fields and data to pages and posts. Bought the lifetime Developer license. With it you can run ACF on an unlimited number of sites with...
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    "Trending this week" icon

    You might expect a listing that is "trending" should (temporarily) rise up in ranking. As for the query that returned my "trending this week"icon, the #1 slot is still taken by the same restaurant, even without that icon.
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    "Trending this week" icon

    No, it is no event. The literal translation of "Deze week trending" is "Trending this week".
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    "Trending this week" icon

    Just noticed a new "trending this week" icon in a GMB listing. Has anyone seen it before? I can't reproduce it anymore.