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    9 Tools & Hacks to Emulate Google Search Location - Since that Setting is Gone

    Re: Google Search Location Setting Gone I'm noticing that the location emulation in Google Chrome is no longer working? Are others seeing the same thing? It stopped working late last week over here.
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    Huge Ranking Algorithm Change - Jan 10, 2016

    So it's not the payday loan algo, John Mueller and Gary Illyes confirmed this via tweet: I am also seeing some pretty dramatic fluctuations this week. It appears that whatever Google rolled out this past weekend, they've (partially?)...
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    Huge Ranking Algorithm Change - Jan 10, 2016

    I totally agree Marie. Changes we saw rolling out over the weekend have reverted back to their original results, so there is clearly a lot of testing going on. We also have Penguin affected sites that are not budging one way or the other. I can't help but think that these changes are necessary...
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    Huge Ranking Algorithm Change - Jan 10, 2016

    Question for those that are seeing ranking drops - did you submit disavow files or do any kind of link cleanup work? I am speculating that Google may be processing disavow files en masse (in preparation for a Penguin update). So the end result here would be losses in visibility (most likely...
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    YAY Phone #s are Back in the Pack - Google Local Update you'll LIKE for a Change!

    Linda - it does look like Google is putting more address info in the pack now. Previously, it was just the street name. We now also get the actual address/ suite #s. I believe this is new, we weren't getting the full address previously, just the street name. Either way - these are great...
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    Cool Trick/Tool for Cross Checking the Crazy Local Stack Changes & More

    Thanks for the h/t +Linda Buquet . The tool really does offer a quick and easy way to clearly see results outside of your geo. The additional option of being able to use other devices makes it even more useful. There are limitations however. It's not truly a serp, so clicking on the results...
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    Google Testing 100% Pay-To-Play Nearby Local Business Ads At Top of SERPs

    So for those that don't know, you can replicate the local results (even for mobile devices) by using the Google Adwords Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool ( I use this all the time to check local results outside of my geo. It works for the queries that Kyle posted...
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    A Dreaded Canonical Tag Question

    So I respect Dr. Pete, he certainly knows his stuff, but this is contrary to my experience. I've had the opportunity to test this and the difference between the amount of equity that passes when you 301 redirect a page vs. when you use a canonical is extremely different. Lots of variables here...
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    Domain/Page Authority http://www VS http://

    If you 301 from one to the other the link equity should pass. I don't think it matters which you choose. If you have it setup as www. currently, stick with it, just make sure the htaccess file is redirecting all of the other paths. Also do a site: search to make sure GOogle has followed all of...
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    Advice To Remove False Review

    Now I want to read this review. I can't imagine a review could be so bad and so damaging that a business owner would want to litigate the matter. Especially if, as you say, the review has inaccuracies. Those are the types of things that potential customers take into account. As Gsmithmike...
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    Ranking drop recently. Organic Updates?

    Sounds like Panda to me, even if Panguan isn't showing that in the numbers, I'd dig deeper. Panda can penalize certain TYPES of pages, so check your analytics and webmaster tools data with everything else filterd out. Just look at those geo landing pages, something might reveal itself that would...
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    What name should this Roofer pick for his business

    As others have said, "A" is your best option for sure. You can rank for "gutters" (does that even have measurable search volume?) and Los Angeles variations (maybe) by doing SEO. The Los Angeles thing comes with a caveat. Always hard to rank for competitive terms without a brick and mortar in...
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    A Dreaded Canonical Tag Question

    So if I'm understanding the question, you're essentially asking if canonical tags pass some sort of page rank to the page they are pointed to? That if you had a bunch of pages with canonical tags pointed to another page and then you removed those paths, would the page that lost the canonical...
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    PDFs Out-ranking Website

    Any kind of penalization in the websites past? Also, which page ranks higher for keyword searches that are not quotes lifted from the page? Still the pdf?
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    Disavowed Links and other matters

    Kind of an old thread, I realize, but I did want to comment: 1) Disavow files can be resubmitted. When you do so the new file will overwrite the old directives. Disavows can take upwards of 90 days to be processed (longer sometimes?). The conventional wisdom (and this is speculation) is that...