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    New "Choose area" feature?

    Yes, writing it up now @JoyHawkins - seems like it has rolled out. See Google Local Pack "Choose Area" Feature Now Live for my new story on this. Nice catch everyone!
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    New "Choose area" feature?

    It is something I've seen reported about 6 months ago.
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    GMB Phone Support No More?

    See Update: Discontinuing toll free numbers - Google My Business Help
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    "Related Searches" in image search

    That is a bit old.
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    Google Algorithim Update SEPT 2019

    Danny S. said no :)
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    Google Algorithim Update SEPT 2019

    I doubt that drop is related to this new update. The new update only started rolling out yesterday afternoon, before any GSC data would show it.
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    Google is testing links upon title in SERP

    Google has been testing that for a while now, it is on and off. It is not rolled out yet.
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    Launch: GMB Removing Remaining Distance-based Service Areas

    Anyone have a before and after screen shot?
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    Google short names: Still broken and the plot thickens

    Yes, Google responded saying this is fixed Google shortnames bug persists despite Google insisting it's fixed - Search Engine Land
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    Issue With Responding to Q&A on Google My Business

    maybe the old ones will stay like that? Try a new one?
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    Issue With Responding to Q&A on Google My Business

    Seems to be working now, at least I just tried it on my company....
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    Is this new?

    It was a bug, Google should have fixed it last night.
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    GMB Insights Reporting Bug?

    So this is not widespread?