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    ADVANCED Troubleshooting Tip for Duplicate Discovery, NAP Issues, History

    Love this tip Linda - thanks for sharing. I just wanted to add that I tried using this under a master account that my company uses for most Adwords management, as well as our Google Places listing. For whatever reason, it takes me through an absurd redirect chain that brings me back to the...
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    Is a Paid Listing a Citation?

    I think it definitely counts. If you look at the paid distribution model on sites like citysearch, they'll seed your listing to their partner network (250+ IYPs). I confirmed this with them - once you stop paying for the ads, your listings will remain. Sounds like a simple and cheap way to...
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    Seeking advice on how to contact Favecentral

    Vijay, I also wanted to chime in here, as I have had a lot of experience with trying to get listings changed. Over the course of six months or so, I emailed help@getfave nearly a dozen times - and never once received anything resembling a response. This was a year ago or so - but I highly...
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    Reporting live at Local University SMX East /!

    Thanks again for the coverage, Chris and Linda. I was recently at the LocalU in Minneapolis - what a fantastic workshop. Although it looks like more gems are being unearthed at the advanced session!