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    Business moved out of state, Seemed to be in a Jail

    My experience in seeking advice from Top contributors in Maps & GMB forums with great success, is that when a business moves and has a new address, the best method is to close the existing location, and then create and verify the new location. Reviews, etc., can be migrated.
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    Proximity in Local Search Rankings

    The best advice can suggest is using "service area" pages. I have a site ranking in the local three-pack for two moderate-sized cities, and organically for four to five cities. I would strongly suggest a URL structure like: name-state/ for the best...
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    Google My Business Address Issues

    Hey Matt: I presume the business listings are claimed and verified? What type(s) of addresses are you trying to verify? Are they the standard: 123 Main St Your City, Your State? Or are the addresses this type: W123 S4567 Main St Your City, Your State?