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    Opinions wanted: Answering Q&A on another GMB panel (within a different category) as a business in the same town

    Thank you, Joy. That is exactly the approach I was thinking about using. I just want to present ourselves to that relevant audience as a local expert, especially since the event isn't responding. I appreciate your help as always!
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    Opinions wanted: Answering Q&A on another GMB panel (within a different category) as a business in the same town

    I work with a vacation rentals agency that relies heavily on clients/families brought to the area by a large annual event that brings 1000's of visitors to their town from all over the country each summer for nearly 3 months. This event has a knowledge panel that gets a lot of engagement in Q&A...
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    Vacation Rental Agency Spam Clean Up Help

    This will take some time but I will work through it. I may also try suggesting an edit to remove based on "private place or home" for a couple and see if that works. Once I am done with the redressals and I get the thread going, I will pick this string back up. Thank you!
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    Vacation Rental Agency Spam Clean Up Help

    @Colan Nielsen There are a LOT of these. Should I first go through and fill out a redressal for each that I am finding and then list them all in a single thread in the forum or do I have to do an individual redressal and individual forum thread for each? Also - I have wondered in the redressal...
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    Vacation Rental Agency Spam Clean Up Help

    What is the best way to report GMB listings that are privately owned individual rental homes/properties as opposed to vacation rental agencies? I tried the suggest an edit but there is not a way to report the incorrect category (though I did suggest a new name). I also tried the Redressal form...
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    How to upload a menu in GMB when "Restaurant" is the secondary category

    I have a client that is a brewery with an onsite restaurant. We have listed Brewery as the primary category and Restaurant as the secondary. Currently, this location is listed in Yext with the Yext for Food upgrade. We have used this to push the food menu into GMB without a problem for over a...
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    GMB for Real Estate Agents

    Google is also more likely to show social profiles if the names/titles/handles across all channels exactly match your Google My Business profile. Per Google: "Consistency. Use the same name to represent your business in both your listing and your social profiles."...
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    Opinions on pictures for my business

    As a consumer and homeowner, I would look at the photos. I would want to see clean units, neat wiring, neatly organized labeling (as in the last photo). I always do thorough research before hiring a contractor and I would particularly be looking for quality work, which you can garner from local...
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    GMB Agency Dashboard Conversion

    I am considering creating a GMB Agency Dashboard for ongoing management of our client GMB accounts. We currently have a "master" Google Account that we link client GMB accounts for management. This account is also where our Google Ads MCC lives and where we link Google Analytics Accounts so we...
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    2020 Events

    I am a huge fan of MozCon (I have attended the past 6 years). There is a heavier focus on Organic over Local, but the 2019 conference had a lot of Local sessions as well.
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    Hiring a Full-Time Local SEO & PPC Specialist

    Thank you, Joy! Really appreciate your help spreading the word about this opportunity.
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    Hiring a Full-Time Local SEO & PPC Specialist

    We are seeking a full-time employee to join our full-service agency for a split role of Local Search and PPC management. The position would require relocation to the two-time Olympic Village of Lake Placid, NY in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. If you are a fan of winter sports and the...
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    Report Duplicate Questions in Google My Business

    We get a lot of different users asking the same question (how much is admission to the attraction) in the Q&A section of our GMB listing. I know posting the same question over and over by the same person is subject to reporting to Google but I am wondering if we should attempt to report...