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    How do local search apps get content?

    Hi, Since many people use local or wider Apps to search for businesses and services, this has led me to wonder what a business must do to be in their results. Do they populate from existing sources or if not, how do they decided what to show in a given geographical area? I realize this is a...
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    Huge Ranking Algorithm Change - Jan 10, 2016

    On Thursday the fourteenth one of my clients (cannot divulge) experienced a change in rankings for key search terms. The last check before this was on Tuesday the twelfth. For several terms they fell from 3rd and in the pack to seventh and not in the pack. I checked again this morning and got...
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    How is Amazon Home Services affecting Local

    Thanks Phil, I was just wondering because a client was talking about using them. Not surprised that there are no stats, but I suspect there would be if it was wildly successful. Still, it is worth watching because it is very simple to use. Stephen
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    How is Amazon Home Services affecting Local

    Hi all, I am wondering after looking at Amazon Home Services how much of the local services search traffic it is getting. It is easy to use, and Google's response has not yet been very robust. Given that it allows a person to easily get an estimate and costs the searcher nothing, how fast is...
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    9 Tools & Hacks to Emulate Google Search Location - Since that Setting is Gone

    Re: 9 Tools & Hacks to Emulate Google Search Location - Since that Setting is Gone Thanks Linda, All this was extremely useful. I especially like I Search From: custom location, language, device & personalization Google Search tool to preview ads & results . Stephen
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    Finding G+ page

    I was bit premature in my panic. I no sooner asked the question than I saw Phil Roazck's post above about using which solved my problem. then Linda kindly e-mailed me the information as well for which I am grateful.
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    Finding G+ page

    I saw a post that stated that the Michaels's page finder no longer works. I was using MOZ to get the the Google + Local page, but as of yesterday that just takes me to map. :eek:So I don't know how to get to page either.