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    When to Use the Disavow Tool?

    Looks like they're starting to update regularly, right?
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    Important Local Mobile Stats: What users Want, Why they Leave & Where they Go

    About 94% of respondents to our mobile search statistics survey report that they have used their phone to search for a local business; 36.6% do so frequently and 24.2% daily. That's a point that would be useful to get across to potential clients.
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    The Google Mobile Algorithm to be Bigger than Penguin or Panda

    not seeing any effects at all yet for the non-mobile sites in my client's search terms, but will keep checking...
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    BREAKING - Google's Mobile-Friendly Update Will Not Affect Local Pack Listings

    So it may be affected indirectly due to drop in organic rankings? I prefer it to affect everything so I can offer these services to clients and prospects...
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    New website for client

    I have someone who wants me to build his website. It's a chocolate shop and I see that chocolates + city and chocolate shop + city is available as a domain name. Chocolate Shop is also in his business name, but I'm wondering if since we're starting from scratch, it's better to try to rank...
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    Google Warns about Doorway Page Algo Update - Could Affect Local

    Well, I was hoping neighborhood pages on a single location business would be helpful, but now I'm not clear if it will be a waste of my time. Don't mind either way, but would be nice to know what's what.
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    Content Keywords a.k.a. Keyword Density

    quick question, do you usually use keyword + city in url?
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    Review Gif - Share their Best Google Reviews in a Gif in a Jiffy!

    Very impressive. Might have a redesign project coming up for a client that would do well with this. ---------- Post Merged at 04:00 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 03:53 PM ---------- Doh! Only for windows it seems... I did a quick search and found: Will...
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    Citation-building Only - As a Business?

    You all shouldn't be enabling my drinking habits! ;) Yeah I'm not sure if it was at all helpful, since I do not know you and your business personally, but I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in anyways. These smaller businesses are a tough entry. They usually have no time and no money. But they...
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    How to Expand My Local Search Business

    E Myth is a great little book to read to understand how to not get stuck as a technician in your business... Great advice as to finding higher level clients that are able to pay what you are worth. Doing free case studies for those type of clients is an excellent way to go. But also keep in...
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    Sites with Parallax

    Yep, the mobile side of this sounds like it would require a dedicated mobile site, not only for the page load speed, but for UX. Sorry, I don't have any experience with parallax enough to help out to answer any of your questions...
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    Citation-building Only - As a Business?

    Wow I get blabby when I've had a few. :p My main point that I'm trying to get across is that if a small business owner is saying yes, then do it. Not to "screw him over", but to start a working relationship with him. It's extremely difficult to get a nickel from these struggling small...
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    Sites with Parallax

    Looks really slick, but I wonder about the page speed with all those images...
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    Citation-building Only - As a Business?

    A great thread that went into an interesting direction! So, I see where you're going with this. It sounds like you are using your local chamber of commerce as a way to get in front of business owners so you can start building a clientele and gain confidence in what you do as well as build a...
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    Can "Closed" Google Local Listings Kill Ranking? Important New Troubleshooting Tip

    Re: Can "Closed" Google Local Listings Kill Ranking? Important New Troubleshooting Ti Can't prove that it's hurting rankings, but I did close a listing for an old practitioner back when I first started up with a client. So, when I read this, I was just wondering if there was anything I should...