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    Calling All Power People in this Group... (You'll Know First)

    I started this thread because I would like to find out immediately when someone in this group hears about; Local GMB "SHORT URL's opening, and or when they will be available. (Day & Time) This is extremely important. It should be a gold rush, and I, for one, would like to jump on some...
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    Location Extension Map Clicks

    Tony, My "Click to Call" and Click to Text" Call to Action landing page is much stronger than a GMB landing page, I promise you that, and I hope yours is too...
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    GMB Q and A's

    I totally agree with Colan. Google loves FAQ's. They are extremely important to the future of voice search. Use keywords in your questions and answers because, if done correctly, they can rank highly in search results. You can use sights like "answer the public" to get ideas of questions...
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    Using Bold Page Title Okay or No No.

    Does it work all the time? Anyone tested that?
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    Examples of Amazing Local Landing Pages - List them Here!

    That's it Kat! I have learned, there is a big difference between a landing for PPC and one that is used for SEO organic clicks. I further believe that different types must be incorporated for mobile and desktop devices. Mobiles don't like to read. When a client pays for every click, and they...
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    Location Extension Map Clicks

    When you click on a local extension, they are taken to the GMB page that is connected to the adwords account. Personally, I create high converting landing pages for my ads, so this is a diversion tactic used by Google. However, it does increase CTR, and gives a local friendly address, but...
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    Auto publishing from Wordpress blog to GMB post

    Hey Koen, I like your plugin bro...
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    User Edits-What is Going On?

    That's a very interesting point you raise. Lately, I've been studying quite a bit on "Gallery Ads", the "Scroll Pack" and paid GMB's. I believe, the "Scroll Pak" is definitely coming out when Gallery Ads do this fall. They are both identical in structure. I further believe that with 5G...
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    User Edits-What is Going On?

    Wow, That leaves sabotage wide open for competitors. One local proxy and some evil intent could really hurt a biz listing. Even worse, what can you do about it?
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    Similar h1 tags but different towns ?

    Hey Jim, Go North to Milton, GA, my friend, that is where the money and the easy competition lies. I use to live in Roswell/Alpharetta, and my brother lives in Milton now. That place is crawling with huge homes, and the competition would be a joke. Just a thought for you to consider.
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    June 2019 Core Update - What Are You Seeing?

    I saw this great article on the "Scroll Pak" that Google is testing right now in San Francisco. It's a really good article. No promotion at all on my part, but I believe you'll be seeing more about this very soon. It could have something to do with the changes you speak of Joy. In all...
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    Citations Business Name For Multiple Locations

    You could have them go out and buy a DBA (Doing Business As) through the legal process. This would make it all legit and legal. Then do a complete citation clean-up for their long term goals. Is it worth it? That's their call, but it will make you look better in their eyes for bring up the...