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    Unable to Add Myself as Manager to Client Pages

    Wow - I consider myself lucky.
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    Unable to Add Myself as Manager to Client Pages

    Well you did everything that I did. I have a gmail address (as do you) and my invitation landed in my Inbox under the "Social" tab. I'm also a member of Google Partners so I get a lot of email there so I couldn't find the email at first. The invitation is from the Google+ team and says "(The G+...
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    Unable to Add Myself as Manager to Client Pages

    I just did this yesterday. If I understand you correctly, you're logged in as your client. When you go to Settings, Add Managers, you type in your email address. The card with the profile picture shows up with your email address, and underneath it it says something to the effect of "Send an...
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    Google "My Business" Launches! Goodbye Places for Business! HUGE Google Update!

    Re: Google "My Business" Launches! Goodbye Places for Business! HUGE Google Update! I saw this in the Google Partners thread yesterday and checked my page out. Looks like Google got this one right - you can tell because they gave it to everyone at once. This should really make it easier for...
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    Should I consider "disavow"?

    How many forums are your links in? If it is only one, I would not worry about it. But someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Ranking Reports

    I use Bright Local for my reports also but find they are incomplete. A lot of keywords that the reports track do not show rankings for press releases and local events. I've found that my clients don't read the reports anyway, so I too am looking at alternatives to Bright Local.
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    No more keyword reporting from google, unless you use adwords

    Isn't Google planning to sell this info to their Adwords customers, or is that just a rumor?
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    Google+ Local Fake Address Scam

    With the amount of effort it takes to scam it almost makes SEO look easy.
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    Local Search Citations & Links Via Event Marketing

    Linda oh my God - you let the cat out of the bag. Event marketing is my local marketing secret weapon. The amount of things you can do with local events (and local event websites) will blow your mind. I hesitate to tell too many people because I don't want the spammers to use it and ruin it for...
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    Outsource vs In House Citation building

    In the past I've tried to do citations myself but I would only outsource now. Too time consuming for me. Has anyone ever tried Whitespark's citation building? I'm interested in seeing their results.
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    Organic Video SEO

    I'm referring to the "slap" (forgive me I get Penguin and Panda mixed up) Google gave websites for getting backlinks from less than savory (in their opinion) websites. Think comments, forum profiles. Let me put my grey hat on - when I do SEO for my YouTube videos I: Purchase backlinks from...
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    Organic Video SEO

    Backlinks to the video - use the "watch" URL. That's the one that comes up in the search engines. ---------- Post Merged at 10:36 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 10:34 PM ---------- Also, not a guru - I just play one on TV :)
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    Organic Video SEO

    All good recommendations, I would only add that I would throw certain types of backlinks and social signals at the YouTube video. I don't worry about Google slaps because why would Google slap itself? Now I know alot of people are worried about the wrong kinds of backlinks, but so far I have...
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    Google Authorship

    His Authorship is connected to his Google+ Local page. And Google will only show your personal Google+ picture, not your Google+ Local picture. They showed business logos for a while last week, but stopped doing it. But it does seem to make sense to show your business logo on your business...
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    Recommended Local Search Tools

    I use BrightLocal for my local SEO reports and though I like the presentation and the ability to white label the reports, they are not totally accurate. While BrightLocal tracks your website (obviously), citations, Facebook and YouTube videos, it does not track Google+ posts or press releases...