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    Message That Will Not Go Away

    Thanks for the reply. That is what I thought but I just wanted to make sure. Strange I ould not find it anywhere.
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    Message That Will Not Go Away

    I could not find another thread about this. If there is one, please close this thread and redirect it. It seems every time I log into GMB, I get an overlay message saying to "view your business on maps". Even though I have most likely "viewed my business on maps" about a million times over the...
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    Questions Vanishing

    For my company Google Listing I asked (using my personal account while at home) a bunch of questions a week ago. I answered them all (with my business-specific account while at work) and they were showing up in our knowledge panel. However, I just noticed all but 2 of the question/answers are...
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    Google My Business is Deprecating SMS for Messaging

    This system was kind of hard to work with anyways. I am in the home services (HVAC, plumber, etc) and found replying to the questions we received very difficult. I would have rather had a web-based interface.