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    Postcards not arriving

    They are Gardeners or Home Cleaners. Yes, the postcards should be sent to their private houses. It's a franchise business, and all customers initially communicate via a central phone number or website.
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    Postcards not arriving

    This is why I keep getting sent in circles. These are Service Area Businesses (SABs). No entrance, no signs. Support want me to get the business owner to make a video of their non existent office! I've had countless digital marketing people saying "Our tech department can sort it out, they do...
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    Postcards not arriving

    Just had another failed go via their support. The only option besides postcard I was given was to get the franchisees to make videos of their business. And they asked for details like a video of the office (that they don't have). I've requested two businesses from the new account to be reviewed...
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    Google keeps crawling and indexing URLs with 404 status code

    How are you determining that they are indexed? 410 is a slightly stronger signal than 404 and may cause Googlebot to check them less frequently once they have seen the 410 status. Having a valid xml sitemap can also push Googlebot to crawl your important pages more often.
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    Question Re: GMB Impressions in GSC and Analytics

    In GSC, the impressions clicks are always included from GMB listings. The advantage of using a special URL, like using utm parameters, is that you can detect if the impression/click was related to a GMB listing by the fact it is related to a unique URL. I personally add something like...
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    Google keeps crawling and indexing URLs with 404 status code

    Google will check pages it knows about for a long time. It does not mean they are in the search index. It just means Google is aware of them and wants to see how they behave every once in a while. If a page returns 404 or 410, then it is removed from the index. But Google will check every once...
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    Redirect https domain to another https website

    FYI, Googlebot does not worry about valid SSL. So over time it would re-crawl and update the URLs it indexes to the ones you redirect to. It was a good move to set up a free SSL in the meantime.
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    Dynamic Number Swapping (Call Tracking) Being Crawled By Google On Website

    Google does not like cloaking, but it is aware of many special cases where showing Google different content is fine. I believe call tracking is one of them. Google has got better at rendering pages, so maybe some of these call tracking companies are behind the times, and it is letting Google...