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    Why register a domain name with your toll free number?

    Thank you, everyone. Basically you are all saying what I thought as well: there's no SEO benefit.
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    HIPAA Compliant Hosting

    I have a client who uses a specialized email service provider for HIPAA compliant email, but no, I don't have experience with "HIPAA-compliant website hosting" per se. We have, however, built a HIPAA-compliant patient referral system for one client. In that case, we used a third party that...
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    Why register a domain name with your toll free number?

    At one of my clients, the CEO instructed my counterpart (their Chief Strategy Officer) to register a domain name with their toll-free number, like this: 8001234567.com ...except that their toll-free number is different from those numbers. They don't especially promote themselves nor brand...
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    What causes the GMB panel to show up in a search?

    This (what @Yan Gilbert said) ⬆⬆
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    Category spam - Best way to get them changed?

    Thank you, Ben. I will do that.
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    California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect on January 1, 2020

    I have found this tool to be helpful in assessing the degree to which the CCPA applies to an entity: https://foxrothschild.neotalogic.com/a/ccpa
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    😭 Verified GMB account pending for over a month now ⏳

    That's pretty much the case, I have found. But also, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease", so it's also worth nagging reminding them via Twitter or other channels.
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    NEW Black “Ad” Label Appears in 3-Pack on Desktop

    For what it's worth, I'm still not seeing the black ad icons here in northern San Diego County.
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    Tool to block malicious GMB community edits?

    Boy howdy, THAT is an understatement. <sigh>
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    Category spam - Best way to get them changed?

    Thanks, Ben. The category is Nursing Home.
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    WP - Posts or Pages? For services.

    There is a wordpress plugin that will include pages in the RSS feed. I've used it in the past and it produced satisfactory results. https://wordpress.org/plugins/rss-includes-pages/
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    Category spam - Best way to get them changed?

    There is a national company that does business through local franchisees. The national company sets up GMB listings for them using a primary category that is misleading. Those franchisees do not provide the service that is being used for that primary category, they do something else. I would...
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    What's the deal with ADA Website Compliance?

    It's definitely "law" in the USA. Just ask Domino's pizza and the many other companies that have been successfully sued over this. Accessibility and Privacy concerns are probably the two biggest legal threats faced by most website owners (and, probably, website builders).