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    Speed Plugin for WordPress sites

    I agree with much of the above, but most important is figuring out what causes the slowdown. Most common is excessive image size, but there are many other possible/additional causes. Hosting, poor theme design, bad plugins, etc. A caching plugin will almost certainly help, but is not the root...
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    A+ local guide's post getting pushed to the top of the reviews

    razorclicks posted this recently and mentioned votes are not a factor
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    Google suspension cause

    Thanks for the head up on this, although I agree, it's kinda messed up to get penalized for suggesting edits. @JoyHawkins , I share MeganR's concern about uploading pics. I don't see it now, but I do recall reading the warning that uploaded pics would become public and that the pics/I could...
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    Yelp Reviews Reinstated

    @valesence those are good observations and match what I see. I have a client that spends good money on yelp, complained about a particular review that seemed quite irrelevant (after submitting twice for review) and was still turned down. The account rep said he was unable to help and...
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    New Moz Dashboard

    Yeah, big disappointment, the basic $129 plan does NOT include aggregators. Bye bye Moz.
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    Location Extension Map Clicks

    @Steven12 , good point. I usually show that extension for those reasons, but I need to look closer at the data. It's possible you're seeing lower conversion rates because the call won't get attributed to your ad, it'll go to the GMB page. But you're right, depending on the business it could be a...
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    Yahoo Local Tool

    I tried it for one business, looks good, helpful tool. Will try some others when I get a chance.
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    The Top 5 Factors for a Review to be marked Most Relevant

    Nice work, thanks for sharing.
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    Doubling Up On Local Ads?

    Yes, been there for a while. The more ads, the merrier. Said no one. Ever.