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    Which link to use for company Google profile and reviews?

    I wouldn't call it a hack. But which platforms doesn't it work on?
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    Which link to use for company Google profile and reviews?

    @Ampere, if I understand your question, you just want website visitors to see your Google reviews, correct? So your original link is perfect. As you said, you're a service area business, no reason to send them to Maps.
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    Google Guaranteed icon question

    The Google Guarantee is only good on service ordered through LSA ads, so I don't know why Google would ever allow you to display such on your website. It would be highly misleading if someone saw it on your website and was then motivated to hire you thinking that Google had them covered.
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    Google Ads Impressions Have Plummeted Suddenly And I Can't Find The Cause

    I agree with Your_Cedric's advice, you need to narrow down specific kw's and see the details. How far off are impressions for each kw compared to the same period last year? Are you sure you didn't change something that would have affected it? Compare device usage, as well. For sure LSA will...
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    Fake Yelp Review What Recourse?

    I agree with MeganR, carefully read the TOS. Removal is hard and unlikely, but not impossible. Also do some digging around on the reviewer's profile. You never know what you'll find to help your case. The business owner may be able to shed some light on this, too. I once uncovered an angry...
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    Issues With Getting a Review From Ex Employee Removed on Google

    How long have you waited for a FB or Twitter response? Sometimes it can take a couple weeks, maybe more if they're busy. It's hard to get a review removed unless you have solid evidence, you can't just say "I know that person was my former employee, I can tell by the things they said". However...