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    GMB map pack: What triggers images coming up in map pack on SERP?

    Interesting example @mblumenthal , I don't see "vehicle repair" images for any other city than buffalo.
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    Ranking Issues

    1. Yes, primary category can possibly impact ratings. Is google not allowing you to change the category, and have you contacted GMB support about it? 2. Yes, two listings for the same business can affect ratings; they could be competing against each other, not to mention possibly diluting the...
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    How to report with Redressal Form

    You also need to have pretty good documentation that the listing is "fake". Just because you know they're fake intuitively, doesn't mean Google will agree. There were a couple of posts here in recent months where people gave suggestions about how to effectively take down fakes, search for it.
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    Google wont let us display address

    I'm confused, what exactly do you mean by "Google won't let us display address"? Do you mean they won't let you change the address, and so your current listing is still your old address? You should be able to click on the "Location" (screenshot) and add the address, is this not working? In...
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    In Request A Quote dropdown, where does G source the fields?

    Good question, I'm not sure where they get the list. Presumably it should be from the Services tab you list in the GMB dashboard, but I currently don't see that accurately reflected for one of my clients. You can always disable the Request a Quote button by disabling messaging.
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    Reviews markup showing in serps for LocalBusiness schema markup? What's going on

    I was just about to post the same, I'm still seeing review stars for certain insurance agents, namely Allsate, Farmers, Nationwide agents.
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    Technically, it doesn't matter which url the typical user lands on. But yes, you should redirect everything to your canonical url, that's one of the signals that tells Google what your canonical url is.
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    @Travis Van Slooten if your guy does it url by url then you probably need a new guy :-)
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    @Wirenut, yes, data should start showing up for https://www but you should let Google know that's the canonical url, although no more through Search Console: Google Search Console drops preferred domain setting - Search Engine Land
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    Service Area Listings

    Yes, where you verify is your official business address, so that's where Google will rank you. Last year Google allowed SAB's to completely remove the address if it was hidden. However, they are still going to use your business location to determine your relevance to a search. There was hope and...
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    Service Area Listings

    @Dawood as Den mentioned, statewide presence defies Google's notion of local. They have a strong preference for businesses that are in the same city as the searcher, and the proximity factor is even smaller than city on most typical searches. It's possible to rank organically for a statewide...
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    GMB Map Embed in Footer vs Landing Page

    I don't think it matters as much since you're an SAB, but it certainly won't hurt. I like having it because it shows off your reviews. I'm sure there's a way to add it to your contact page, did you ask your web designer?
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    Shared Medical Office Suite

    @tedchan, what do you mean by "easier"? For example, would you otherwise have to contact support staff to get such a listing added? I just spoke to a potential client with this exact scenario. 2 completely separate doctors/practices sharing the same office suite/lobby, same suite #100, not even...
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    Download photos from GMB

    Awesome tip guys, just got to use it. Thx!