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    Different business and URL, but with same address

    Have you a link to where it says that in the TOS? I know it says "Don’t create more than one page for each location of your business" But I don't see why that would apply if it's 2 completely separate businesses though.
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    Do Google ever remove photos from a GMB listing?

    Thanks, I've posted on there - Boy has that place changed and got confusing Is there anyway of finding my old productsearch profile and linking it with the new profile I have there now?
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    Do Google ever remove photos from a GMB listing?

    A couple of 360 photos have been added to my GMB page which have nothing to do with the listing. They've been there since June 2018, I've probably reported them at least 20 times since then, but still nothing gets done. Has anyone ever managed to get incorrect photos removed?
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    Anyone seeing changes to URLS, categories, or descriptions reverting out of nowhere?

    It effects rankings too I had a demo listing set up in a particular category, changed the category years ago. When I search for the *old category location* it still comes up in the 3 pack showing the old category, but when clicking on it the correct category shows.
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    Spam / Scam .it domains and sub domains flooding Google results pages

    Looking in to it more, it's not just .it domains, lots of .de and other domains too. The common connection though is they all appear to be on sub domains. Warning for anyone who's inquisitive about them, don't go clicking on any. I got malicious site warnings when looking at a couple, one...
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    Spam / Scam .it domains and sub domains flooding Google results pages

    It's not really where they appear that bothers me, more that they are obviously scraping content from my sites (and many others). I'm constantly seeing them in Google Alerts that I have set up to point now the alerts are just a waste of time.
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    What happened to my old profile and posts from productforums?

    I haven't used productdorums for a while, went and made a post in the community today (boy is that confusing now) and found my profile is completely different. What happened to old productforum profiles and old posts? Is there a way to get that profile back or link old content with the new...
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    Spam / Scam .it domains and sub domains flooding Google results pages

    Anyone else noticing the spam and scam .it domains and sub domains flooding the Google results pages? (note, not just .it domains, but lots of them) To see a typical example search for Wheelchair Ramps, go down to page 10+ and you start seeing them Here is an example screenshot when I looked...
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    Google: City Landing Pages Can Be Doorway Pages & Against Guidelines

    I would say there is a difference between 15 pages for local towns with unique content and 1,300 pages with very similar content. I think they are referring to when the content is very similar but just the town/city name changes on every page.
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    Are we losing the Page Speed battle? And if so, who are the losers?

    Wordpress has made it so anyone can build a nice looking site but because people don't know what they are doing, they just add more and more plugins, which use more and more resources, which slows the sites down. Quite often you will get asked about why sites are slow, login to their Wordpress...
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    Backlinking to GMB Listing

    You can manipulate the title Google displays when doing a site: search for your page by using the same anchor text pointing to the page, but it won't rank for the title.
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    Submitting Directory Entries

    If the directory includes a link back to the business you added it is to your advantage if that listing has a few links pointing to it, so that is seen as better than all the similar listings within the directory Rather than just linking back to the directory homepage, link direct to the page...
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    SERP checker using geo-cordinates

    If you want something a bit more basic that makes Google think you are searching from a specific town, county, area, etc. have a look at this Trick Google in to thinking you are searching from any location Just enter the location you want Google to think you are searching from.
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    Google My Business Listing website not secure?

    In Chrome, Opera and FF I get warning about some content being blocked as it's not secure (the little i next to the padlock in FF) The links work OK in Chrome, Opera, FF and Edge nut in IE go to not the external links but the ones saying...
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    Google My Business Listing website not secure?

    Any idea why Google are using it as a base href? If you view the source of my page you will see it has base href=" which would explain why the relative links aren't working/