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    Robot.txt Googlebot Is Blocked From Home Page

    Thanks Broland. I removed the whole robot.txt file from my root directory and I "Fetch as Googlebot" But I checked this morning and its still blocking. Thanks for help!
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    Robot.txt Googlebot Is Blocked From Home Page

    Hi, I recently redesigned my website and then i noticed that Googlebot was blocked on my home page. SERP 2014-03-30_1348 - Vlad22R's library Webmaster Tools 2014-03-30_1342 - Vlad22R's library Im guessing at that time when i transferred it over my old site, in WordPress i had a box checked...
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    Primary Category isn't shown In G+

    Hi, I've noticed this long time ago, when i look in G+ page, the business category is completely deferent from what i have in Google places dashboard as a primary category, just to give you an example my primary category is "General Constructor" and then i have my secondary categories. So...
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    GUIDELINE CHANGE - City or Keyword in Places Title Allowed Now

    Hi Linda! Where would you change Title in G+? Thanks
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    Adding Keywords in Local Directories

    Yes, interesting point Phil, i've see this before.
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    Local phone number VS 800 Number

    Hi, Whats your opinion on what works better when you're trying to rank in maps, local phone number or 800 number? From what i've seen one of my client ranks in #1 with 800 number 2013-10-23_2005 - Vlad22R's library Thank you.
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    Adding Keywords in Local Directories

    Thanks Phil for your great answer.
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    Adding Keywords in Local Directories

    Hi, When submitting local listings in directories, do i have to enter the keywords with the city or area that im targeting, keywords+city+state or doesn't really matter? see the screen shot 2013-10-18_1421 - Vlad22R's library Thank you