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    Same person 2 profiles same review - flagging does nothing

    Anyone else ever experience this? I had some jerk post the same defamatory review twice so at least you'd think that at the very duplicate would get removed and I could deal with having my first 'bad' review. I called GMB they said flag and had me pick the last reason option and wait 72 hours...
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    Recent Study 3.6 min acceptable rating & 4.9 being most optimal

    Thanks DJ - those are good ones too but not the one I had seen. I recall 3.6 being part of the title. Maybe it was on LinkedIn
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    Recent Study 3.6 min acceptable rating & 4.9 being most optimal

    Hello, I saw a recent study somewhere around the web and I'm trying to find it and thought this might be the best shot. It described how people don't look give businesses much consideration with below a 3.6 rating. It also mentioned the highest CTR was for businesses with a 4.9 rating. Does...
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    Why GMB knowledge panel shows up for main local KW phrase instead of maps?

    The Brave browser too would get around this where those other browsers won't. I don't think you even need to use the TOR or incognito features it has which makes you look like you're international. Might help the organization a little to keep a different app open for just testing, too.
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    1st Generation SEO

    As a generation is around 10 years I'd say at least mid to late 90s through late 2002 before the first major update, or in my opinion up till 2003-06 when SEO took a stronghold on Digital Marketing. It's hard to consider people who just shoved words all over the page/title/description/meta...
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    Google Posts for 3,000 client locations+ is what we use for Google Business Posts, and social scheduling. GMB postings are looked at much easier as a social thing instead of a search thing, now that they support hashtags, and it's already the same now with YouTube. Waiting on something that supports posting to YouTube...
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    Someone trying to change GMB location name, EVERY DAY

    I didn't know locking was possible! Definitely will be of use especially for larger public places that have constant nefarious edits trolling.
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    Is citation quality getting worse?

    Ah, I think that would be a successful SAAS if you opened it up to the public!
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    Is citation quality getting worse?

    May I ask what that tool is?
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    Synup - who is using it, and why?

    They are based in India. Ashwin is one of the founders I've worked with and used signup with for around 5 years at this point, and through many different versions of the tool. He's actually from Orlando originally. They struggled until their most recent round last year. I do like the review...
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    Is citation quality getting worse?

    And probably 5-10 citations per location with multiple Doctors (former and current) on top of the Practice. Medical is the toughest citation cleanup job I deal with for sure.
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    Need opinions about

    Been a while since the last post here sorry for the thread bump. The newer version of Synup seems to have tackled the duplicate listings/finding all the listings much better now. Much more accurate - and a seemingly constantly improving tool. For bang for the buck this blows Yext and others...