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    Changing GMB website from Facebook page to new website

    Hey Colan, do you mind sharing the link of the google's form you use when you report a listing that is not following google's guidelines? I don't find anything for reporting the webpage that is listed. Thanks.
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    Would you change the name of a listing that is not optimized?

    Hi, I just got a client whose google mybusiness name is just his brand name. Let's say he is a lawyer firm, by adding "lawyer" before his brand would I be putting at risk his listing? Months ago I would not have doubted at all and I would have changed it, but at the moment, with all the bans...
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    Brightlocal Dashboard Alternative?

    Hello, thanks a lot for the tip. Ill end up using google datastudio tho, looks so customizable.
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    Brightlocal Dashboard Alternative?

    Hello, unluckily, BrightLocal does not offer service in my country (Spain) I would like to know if you use other software/companies to generate dashboards that include google my business metrics such as calls, views or actions. Thanks in advance and have a good week, Vince.
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    1 Agency/Client Dashboard

    Anyone here tried octoboard?
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    Share your favorite free Local SEO tools

    I wish that tool covered other countries :( it looks really good. Thanks for sharing