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    How Do We Streamline the Citation Mayhem?

    Great question, Dillon, and the responses are great here as well. I want to try to see if I understand the question fully, though, as it seems like there are really two different questions stitched together. Question 1: "How many citations are really worth the time to complete?" Question 2...
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    Best Service for Citation Building

    Allow me to hop in and continue the admittedly biased reviews. :) Ben, it's a great question and I think, despite having competing businesses or points of view, both Darren and Phil are providing genuine responses. I currently am responsible for the Partnerships group at Yext that has roughly...
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    How to Win at HyperLocal

    Alright! I'm on it. To make this easier, would each of you that wants the demo and to join the conference call email me at, and I'll get it all set up? I think I can throw about 25 people on a, so we can start there. Thanks!
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    How to Win at HyperLocal

    Everyone, Sorry I haven't jumped in from the Yext side yet. These are all great questions, and frankly, they are exactly the questions we have been asking ourselves very critically over the last 2 years as we developed Xone, our mobile engagement platform powered by beacons. While I want to...
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    How to Win at HyperLocal

    Eric, great post and great topic. I can't tell you all how excited I am to see Local Search Forum leading the charge in discussing beacons, their capabilities, their flaws, and the opportunities they present. "Local" is about to get a whole lot more interesting in the coming months as the...
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    What are best first steps for brand new business?

    Joshua, would be great to connect at some point. May not be able to make you a "fan" of Yext, but it would be great to understand some of your perspective on our service as well as where you think we could improve. We can always do better and I particularly love this forum and what Linda has...
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    Why does Google keep reverting my changes?

    Yes, Definitely! Vivien is the right person to be working with on this. While we don't control Google, (no one does), our team can and should help with diagnosing the situation and trying to solve this. Please reach out to her, and you've got my email too. Happy to help, and keep me posted...
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    Why does Google keep reverting my changes?

    Hi, Doug. Jumping in here from Yext. We already submit your data to Factual and a bunch of other places that the Data Aggregators themselves use as source data, so we should talk and figure out what is going on here. Do you mind emailing me at and I'll get our Account...
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    Is Yext Free or Free Through Partners? What is Going on Here?

    Greetings! Thanks for reaching out about this, we're happy to provide some insight. Many times customers will have access to a Yext dashboard through a paid subscription that they have with a partner of the service. It appears that is what is happening here, your email address is set up to...
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    Clean Up Yahoo Local Mess

    Agreed. Scott, feel free to shoot me a note at christian at and we can cover all the pricing and partnership rates that we provide professionals. We should also discuss your point #2 above about aggregators, as we don't "miss" this, we handle it from a very specific point of view which...
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    Clean Up Yahoo Local Mess

    Everyone, This thread is a classic story of just how hard all of our jobs are in the local data space. All of the classic novel elements are in our story. We have the opening scene where our protagonist, the SMB, and their ever present digital marketing expert companion (Samwise Gamgee)...
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    Accuracy of Bright Local

    Excellent post, Greg. Couldn't agree more. Particularly with how fast Local data is changing and the number of sources (good and bad) that are now clouding up the ecosystem, it's not only having the right tools for the job, but also having the skill to apply them properly to each situation...
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    Is Google Un-Verifying GMB Listings that are Inactive for 6 Months?

    It is good to see that Google is responding to the inquiries on this issue. More so, I am glad that the information they are providing as to why they are "un-verifying" listings gives professionals the signals they need to stay ahead of this. To put this in perspective, while I know it's...
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    Has Yext Gotten Slower? No Longer Direct Insertion Without Yelp Hassling Clients?

    Matt, Sorry for not getting back sooner to you (I was traveling). We shouldn't be slower for any reason and I am forwarding to our service team immediately and they will reach out to address this. On the Yelp issue, I will also look into this and might need to discuss more detail with you so i...
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    Yext Duplicate Listing Suppression Service

    Russ, Thanks for the feedback. I am glad that the actual suppression (which is the hardest part and most important part) is working very well for you. In regards to your complaints section, I'd say those points are great feedback for us to work on from a product or tool perspective and I?m...