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    Correct NAP with Suite Number

    Yeah agreed with Linda I have always tried to put suite numbers on the second line. However, in Australia we have a lot of 3/8 Street etc.... and I tend to put that on the first line. Thinking now it should be on the second, but I think that its also a convention in AU.
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    Google Pigeon Collateral Damage & What You Can Do About it

    Havn't noticed any negative effects in Australia (but not sure yet if it has been rolled out this far, can someone confirm?) After news of the update I noted several upwards swings in general rankings but again dont know if this is from work or an algo update. Thanks Linda
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    Best Way To Edit Info On New Google+ Page

    Thanks Linda! Appreciate it (warning is scary). I recall the emails from Google, don't recall if I remembered to edit the 'lost' one. I'll go through the duplicated listings and hope all turns out fine :)
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    Best Way To Edit Info On New Google+ Page

    My personal view is if it is G+ it should be edited there. However I got another question, what if you want to remove a listing been flagged as duplicate by G+ - when I go to Remove this listing it has a warning that the Account will be deleted... Also, has anyone 'lost' a listing during a...
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    HOT! Track SERP Changes & Reverse Engineer Algo with Update Scanner

    I used to use this to track changes to Google Places pages (when we were competing with a headoffice or other site who kept hijacking it). Re rank tracking - I use Advanced Web Ranking and the visibility report in that can show you changes to any competitors you have included. Nice use of the...
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    Local listing showing above 7 pack with organic listing

    I saw the same thing in Australia at the end of last week. And the listing is still #1 organic and above the Local Pack. For a highly competitive hotel related search term. Just an interesting event