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    Dental practice moving to a new location

    No that has not happened for me. Did the blank one have a review on it? Maybe what you can do is to make sure both have reviews before asking for a merge(?) That way it is less likely they delete the listing completely.
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    Dental practice moving to a new location

    I probably have been bypassing the normal front line people by going through Twitter support so I have not come across a complete removal of a duplicate unless I wanted it to be done that way. If there is a duplicate at the same location (without reviews), I always mark as duplicate with...
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    GMB listings not associating with address pages

    Interesting question. I never looked into why some businesses show up at address locations and others do not. I just assumed it depended on some measure by the previous searches that were performed.
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    Personalization in Map Pack?

    Definitely, there is personalization in the Maps. Always need to use incognito, and sometimes with enough searches/clicks on your own site or competitors', Google may pick up on the ip address and give different results.
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    Agree. If I had the data that Moz did for this event, I would be digging into it for sure.
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    Blackhat chatter, nothing concrete. Think some were getting concerned and were looking at all possibilities.
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    Huge Change for Service Area Businesses in Google My Business

    Can you be more specific? Like if you don't have an area chosen, the listing won't show..?
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    Client Buys retiring Competitor url

    Look at Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine (Wayback Machine) to see if it was ever indexed. You can then pick out specific urls to forward individually to related pages on your site instead of lumping everything into one 301 to your...
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    The Google Backlash: Ahrefs to start new search engine

    Anecdote that supports that: My 10 year was getting frustrated looking something up (on Google) for a homework assignment. When I came over to help, she was annoyed that Google was not just 'giving her the answer' and that she had to click through lots of website links to find it. :confused: I...
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    Grammarly Adds Junk Code to WordPress Posts and Pages

    They are also keylogging and storing all the information as well. Discussion continued on twitter:
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    Attribution for GMB Website Clicks?

    It counts as organic. Use utm parameters to split them up. How To Track Clicks from a Google My Business (GMB) Listing
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    Switching to a SAB?

    You can tell if competitors are hiding their address by doing a Maps search and looking at their listings. The full address will be there or not. The rankings at this point are not affected by hiding the address. However, a few here have reported that leads drop slightly when hiding the...
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    Google Bug Removing Pages From Index

    Here's some speculation that I have heard... It was not a bug, but an update that did not go according to plan. Google was testing an algorithmic way to de-index spammy sites. It went too aggresive. However, the counterpoint to that is then, why would it be so easy to re-index through Search...
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    Massive Drops in Search Console for Sites Using UTM Codes in GMB

    I checked many GSC accounts and many are showing back to previous levels with a few showing lower like Joy shared above. Could have been an algo change during that time that disrupted some clients.
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    Conversions From DuckDuckGo Are on the Rise

    Apple maps: DuckDuckGo adds Apple Maps integration for local search results
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    Solved: Multi-Location Business, Google Maps only shows one location instead of two

    My general answer to this situation is that the strength of one listing is overpowering the other. You will need to boost the weaker listing in the eyes of the algorithm. There is a review imbalance so that may be some of the cause. Evening that out would help things, but that is not in your...
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    "Coming Soon" locations and reviews

    No, sorry for the confusion. I meant 'Future open date' when I wrote 'still marked as closed'. Don't edit the listing. When did you flag the reviews? I think sending it to GMB Twitter team would be the best way.
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    Drop to 0 in views and actions over the weekend (3/29-4/1)

    None of my Insights that I checked have that missing data, but they are all in North America. Could be a Google server based closer to your location that had a glitch.
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    "Coming Soon" locations and reviews

    If the business was still marked as closed then it should be simple enough to get the review removed. Have you tried removing any yet?
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    Conversions From DuckDuckGo Are on the Rise

    I'm seeing about 1.5% DDG as well. I wonder if it is used more for informational searches since Google local is pretty strong. That being said, DDG has it's version of the 3 pack now.
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    Acquiring Business - Merging GMB & Reviews

    I would aim for keeping both listings active. The reviews can't be merged into the other listing as they are basically tied to the listing they were left on.
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    Selling business with practitioner listing

    Take a look at the reviews. They might be mentioning the Dentist's name specifically so it may look odd if there are many references.