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    Preferred Domain in Google Search Console deprecated

    One less thing to have to check thank goodness.
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    Switching from service area business to address

    I had a listing trigger verification when adding a address, and one that did not. The one that did, needed a complete reverification and I was unable to answer reviews etc during the time period that it took the new PIN postcard to arrive. It showed up in Google during that time (with the claim...
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    June 2019 Core Update - What Are You Seeing?

    Hard to know without details.... But maybe it's not (solely) due to the Core Update, but the also the Diversity Update? With many blog posts, there could be overlapping content pages on the site. This could have seen multiple pages of the site ranking under the same query. If Google is now only...
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    Anyone notice these factors on Google Local Search since the update?

    I have not noticed anything in particular. What timeframe are you talking about and do have screenshots before & after by any chance?
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    Backlinking Citations: Is this a "Thing"?

    I do think it is important. Some businesses I have worked on have a low % of citations indexed. The value of each one might be low, so it is difficult to justify the time to spend trying to get it indexed however. Spamming a cheap link service to the citation might work to get it indexed...
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    Google Posts for 3,000 client locations+

    There is another similar thread that might give you more choices as well:
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    Is anyone else noticing Google displaying more consecutive same-site results?

    I've been finding that returned results were not getting me to the answers I wanted. It was especially bad in technical searches when half the results were from stackexchange for example, but none of the links provided were close to what I was even searching for. Getting some other domains in...
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    The Top 5 Factors for a Review to be marked Most Relevant

    Could #1 & #3 be overlapping/related.. meaning story type reviews might be generally longer in content
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    Local Business Schema - Multiple Locations

    I believe you can add the schema into the content body (code side).
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    Should I Create a New Email Address For Citation Work?

    Set up a domain based email, and then have it forward (and connect it) to a dedicated Gmail. That way you can access whenever you want and you won't have to login to a dedicated email portal to check things.
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    How to rank without a website?!

    I would be interested in checking it out in more detail, but if you have not missed anything, then the only element here that is in play would be the amount of time the listing has been live. The competitor listing has been there for a while I am assuming. [Also, check to see if your citations...