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    Backlink not showing on Google Console

    Is the page that the link is coming from indexed by Google? Possible that the page is not getting crawled for some reason and that's why no other tools are seeing it. Also, Search Console doesn't show every link that is found.
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    Local SEO

    Thx. Got some keyword stuffing on your GMB listing, but let's ignore that for now. Same keywords, your site is #3 organic for me. Lot's of things can be done here, but one quick answer.. get more content on the home page. Actually, all the pages are pretty weak.
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    Adding MORE photos to a GMB profile - - any value

    Indirect influence on the results. The more user engagement on a listing, the more chance the algo will favor that listing. More images means more engagement as people scroll and click through. I would not add all images at once. Stagger them about a dozen every week. No proof that this is...
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    Local SEO

    A screenshot of the result would help us out here.
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    No local result with only 1 competitor in region

    Need to get the local algorithm to 'see' your business as a choice for that keyword. Get 'Cryotherapy' into your business name and it will probably do the trick. However, don't really want to break the rules and get the listing suspended. So, just being creative here...I don't see any signage...
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    Google Listings being stuck in "Pending Review"

    I didn't make any changes today, but have experienced similar last week. Sometimes it would take 30 minutes before going through, but when the expectation has been a few seconds it makes me get nervous. Has a legit listing get suspended bc I updated a phone number. Took two weeks before they...
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    Did the June 2019 update bury quack medical sites?

    Created a new thread so as not to derail the conspiracy type discussion:
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    Google Trends vs Autocomplete

    Coming off of this discussion about Google Medic type algorithm changes and a possible forced manipulation of results: Did the June 2019 update bury quack medical sites? - Local Search Forum Which referenced this article...
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    Did the June 2019 update bury quack medical sites?

    Hmm, yes. I wonder if that discrepancy shows up with other types of searches If it does, then that begs the question why/how are Trends and autofill data different? If Trends and autofill data do line up on other searches, then, yeah, it would point to something odd going on.
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    Duplicate content penalty for using the same GMB posts?

    99.9% sure there is no problem whatsoever with reusing content.
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    GrubHub is buying web domains for the restaurants it lists

    Comment from the article Not sure grubHub was trying to help, looks like they were trying to compete and undercut to me.
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    Linking from Citations w/ CID's

    Agree, with Darren. The algorithm could have been picking up the citations which was increasing the strength of the listing in general. Another way to test would to create backlinks directly to an existing CID url. No citations on the page.
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    Hard Suspension but Showing as "Published"

    Seems Google is having lots of trouble adding extra features. So many things going wrong the past few weeks.