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    GMB Ranking Collapsed - Superior Site Booted From Pick 3

    All of this stuff still works. There, I said it. I feel much better now. : )
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    Impact on GMB profile on traffic

    I can confirm, a GMB listing causes traffic to drop. People just rarely click on the link to the site. They find all the information they need right there in the GMB. I wish GMB Insights showed us more detailed and accurate information so we can actually be sure of this.
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    What makes a directory valuable?

    Hm... I would expect that phone numbers get just as much spam as emails. : ) We will think about it, maybe do some tests. Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated.
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    What makes a directory valuable?

    Focusing on quality is definitely what we want to do, too. But what about the calls? Do you have a phone number on the site? Do you get flooded by irrelevant calls?Or, if you don't have a phone, how do you communicate with the business owners? Email only?
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    Address Schema on all pages?

    How does that make sense? It should be enough to have the info on just one page, i.e. the contact page. Why would you - or Google - want to see it on every page? Forget it, I answered that myself. : )
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    What makes a directory valuable?

    Hello @David W Cox, thank you for taking the time to give some feedback. Your "the signup process is not hard" means a lot to me! :) We are in talks currently with a major US provider of data, so we can populate the directory. (They found me through this forum. I don't know if it is ok to...
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    Google keeps crawling and indexing URLs with 404 status code

    @Tiggerito In my case, the URLs are still indexed. And that's about 3000 URLs, compared to about 1000 "real" URLs. So it sux. I will try using 410, thank you all for the feedback.
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    What makes a directory valuable?

    @David W Cox It is already available at I'd love to hear your feedback on the registration process, we are trying to make it simpler and easier but it is hard because we also want to make sure all new registered dentists are real... If you PM me (so we don't flood the...