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Thread: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

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    Re: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    She still has some important citations with the name: "Leesburg Dentist"
    Wonder if that's helping the ranking?
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    Re: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    Hi Joy, I just did a quick test too with Britelocal's tool. With Leesburg, VA as the location and Dentist Leesburg VA as the search phrase, I got them as #2 local and #1 organic.

    Looks like it might be the SERPs that have a lag or something, a name change dropped it off the 3-pack but then it settled back there regardless after a week or so (since you said it changed on the 20th). Interesting.

    I imagine if they were ranking with city + keyword as the business name but less going on across the board for other ranking factors, changing the name might have seen them vanish instead of just bob up and down and settle back in 2nd. Their really strong organic showing makes me think the name itself might not have been the only reason they were number 2.

    To answer your real question, I've noticed a disconnect at times between the local finder and the 3-pack, but I haven't noticed much rhyme or reason with things updating at different speeds before between the two, it's something I'll keep an eye on.

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    Re: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    Using my mobile and setting the location to Leesburg, she's not showing at all in any of maps searches (dentist, dentist leesburg, dentist leesburg VA).

    My VPN isn't letting me connect to anywhere in VA for some reason. If I can get on later today, will test and post an update.

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    Re: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    Yeah, I'm seeing exactly what you are seeing now. Not sure what was going on yesterday. I'm going to keep an eye on this but I agree with James, the site is EXTREMELY optimized for this keyword so it probably is holding their ranking there. I want to do more of these tests to see how much the name actually impacts ranking.

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    Re: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    I am getting a problem when attempting to go to the website:


    You don't have permission to access / on this server.

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    Re: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    when you put in something like "dentist leesburg va" you are articifically inflating the importance of the exact match and google may assuming that you may be looking for

    Scott's method is more exact and more typical.

    People often put a URL into the search bar. So if you enter apple, sony or local search forum, you will get, and

    Any change to an algorithm is checked by quality raters to ensure that exact match domain shows on top.

    Caveat is that generic terms shouldnt show automatically be given to exact match. So doesnt necessarily need to rank for top mount refrigerator.

    Given the boost that google must give to an EMD, as long as there is some half decent SEO, the EMD has some advantage for the exact term.

    In this case, many people who are in the area entering "Leesburg VA Dentist" may be looking for that specific site.

    Its an odd term to enter if you are in the area and simply looking for a list of dentists.

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    Re: How Much Does Keyword Stuffing Impact Ranking?

    most likely people will just open google and search "dentist" without the geo modifiers.

    anyone try a leesburg IP and just typing the word "dentist" and see where it ranks?
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