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  1. Priya Chandra

    What Julia Child's wire whisk can teach you about Local Search success

    Well, I say Julia Child but really I mean Miriam Ellis who uses the story of Julia Child selling out Pittsburgh's stock of wire whisks to demonstrate local search success in the modern era. I seriously love this article and I'll no doubt be reading it again and again. <a...
  2. Priya Chandra

    Google moving into the Fitness realm (kind of)

    Very interesting blog post from Google: To book a fitness class, visit the Reserve with Google site on desktop or mobile web. There you can search for fitness studios near you, get great recommendations for fun new classes, or book a spot in the session you already know and love...
  3. Priya Chandra

    Back to the future for Google with Reviews from around the web

    So it appears Google is returning to the future with its latest 'Reviews from around the web' feature. More from Search Engine Land here: Google adds ?Reviews from the web? to critic reviews in local search results Anyone seeing it in the wild as yet?
  4. Priya Chandra

    Email - A new way to verify listings on Google My Business - Confirmed

    So a while ago there was talk about Google possibly using video calls to verify a business and then today some users spotted an email option 'out in the wild'. Write ups here: Google My Business now offering some businesses email-based verification and at Mike's blog: Google MyBusiness Adding...
  5. Priya Chandra

    Personal profiles that look like business pages

    I know that Google+ as a business page destination pretty much doesn't exist any more, but I thought the latest change to Personal profiles on Google+ may be of interest to practitioners here, especially when trying to troubleshoot duplicates / spam etc. Personal profiles now look like this...
  6. Priya Chandra

    Those pesky practitioners - best practices on setting up GMB pages

    Before I go any further here, who else read this title: "Best Practices for Practitioner Listings on Google My Business (GMB)" and thought, hmm that sounds like a post Joy Hawkins would be interested in? Not just me I bet! And guess what - she's not interested in it...because she wrote it ;)...
  7. Priya Chandra

    Do you see what I see - 3rd party reviews in the local SERPs?

    Apologies if this has been posted already - I'm just catching up on some of the latest posts in my feedly queue and spotted this one from The SEM Post: I have to admit, I can't replicate this in Australia but that's not unusual - it does take a very long time for those 1s and 0s to make it all...
  8. Priya Chandra

    How to win a customer service award - without having customers

    This is quite a long article, and delves into a number of online marketing issues. The bit that particularly interested me though (especially as an Australian, since this is an Australian marketing company) was the purchasing of reviews and online 'influence'. If you don't have time to read...
  9. Priya Chandra

    Take the guesswork out of bringing a new client onboard

    "What would happen Priya if you got hit by a bus?" That's what my boss used to ask me on occasion - and no they weren't concerned about my physical health after a bus accident, but about business continuity and the creation of Standard Operating Procedures (or SOPs). Which is exactly what...
  10. Priya Chandra

    BrightLocal's 2016 Local Citation survey results

    Apologies if this has already been posted and I missed it - but BrightLocal have recently released the results of their 2016 Local Citation survey. Some very well known names participated in the survey so if you haven't already, head over to check out their thoughts. <meta property="og:type"...
  11. Priya Chandra

    5 steps to showing Google Calendar results in search listings

    Look, I'll admit it, I don't like messing with the PHP code of websites and so Eduard lost me at But otherwise this is a fascinating look into how you could use Google calendar to show your client's events in the SERPs. Check out the full post for the how to video and complete explanation...
  12. Priya Chandra

    Looks like there might be a Review bug out there

    Just really letting the readers here know that there appears to be a bug in replying to Reviews. There's a few businesses reporting it at the GMB Forum. Essentially, owners / managers reply to a review but after they submit the response it disappears. It's been escalated within Google, but...
  13. Priya Chandra

    'The True Local web' - what is it and are you using it?

    Here is an interesting article from Search Engine Land regarding the 'True Local Web'. Above is just a snippet, so head over to read the rest. I'm still digesting the article but I'd be interested in thoughts from others on the forum! <meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta...
  14. Priya Chandra

    Are there more than 3 types of local SEO services?

    Interesting article in Search Engine Land today Above is just a snippet, so head over to read the rest. What do you think? Do you offer more than 3 levels of service? Do local businesses need more / less in the way of Local SEO assistance? <meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta...
  15. Priya Chandra

    A new tool that allows people to find YouTube videos by location

    My apologies if this has been posted already, but I just saw this interesting post over at Search Engine Journal The third party tool was designed using Google's and YouTube's APIs and allows you to search for videos in YouTube by location, date uploaded and keywords. It's a nifty little tool...
  16. Priya Chandra

    Google testing a new way of reporting business feedback?

    It looks like Google is trialling a new way of reporting business feedback from both the Local Finder and the Knowledge Panel (for Local Search) but not for Maps oddly enough. For example, if I search for "Punjabi Hut Indian Restaurant Manuka, 19 Franklin Street, Griffith ACT" in Maps, and...
  17. Priya Chandra

    Stuck in a Local Search rut?

    This informative post by Casey Meraz over on Moz, is jam packed with great ways to get out of that Local SEO rut Above is just a snippet, so head over to read Casey's advice on: The basics of Local SEO. Traditional organic ranking factors. Citations and links. Thanks Casey for the great...
  18. Priya Chandra

    No more manual verification via Google+ Local support

    Google have just advised over at the Google and Your Business Help forum that they will no longer be supporting manual verifications via their support teams. Above is just a snippet, so head over to read the rest and make sure you know when you can contact Google+ support or not. <meta...
  19. Priya Chandra

    'Were these results satisfactory' survey from Google when searching

    Looks like Google's doing some surveys on search results in the Local space:
  20. Priya Chandra

    Do you have SMB clients in the San Francisco Bay Area?

    If so, then the Google My Business team wants to talk to them! This post in the Google and My Business forum provides more details as well as a sign up link. Sounds like a great opportunity to add value to your SMB clients. What do you think?