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  1. FriarTuck00

    Opening Soon - Create or Wait?

    So, we have a client who uses Yext to maintain/update their location information (they have 19 locations across the state). They are planning to open a new location in mid-November. In the past, I know Google's stance has been to wait until the location is open for business before creating a...
  2. FriarTuck00

    GMB Not Adding All Listings to Dashboard

    We recently acquired a new client with nearly 40 locations across North Carolina. Our agency account was invited as a manager to each location, which I went in and accepted. Now, GMB is only showing 6 of those locations in our dashboard. Is there any reason you can think of as to why it's not...
  3. FriarTuck00

    Opting Out of SinglePlatform Menu for GMB & Google Knowledge Panel

    Has anyone had any experience with a SinglePlatform menu/link all of a sudden showing up in a business' Google Knowledge Panel? We have a client who (as far as we know) has not had anything to do with SinglePlatform, yet a link to appears under "Products and Services"...
  4. FriarTuck00

    Embedding Google Maps Without the API

    I apologize in advance if this was posted somewhere else but I didn't see it. Is the Google Maps API required for embedding a Google Map onto a webpage? Or can you still embed using the "old" free method?
  5. FriarTuck00

    Remove Listing from BingPlaces Dashboard

    Is there a way to remove a listing from your BingPlaces dashboard without deleting the business from BingPlaces? We have a listing in our dashboard for a business who we are no longer working with. I'd like to "unclaim" that listing, I guess is the best way to put it. Any ideas? TIA
  6. FriarTuck00

    GMB Call Tracking Number Showing Up on Other Listings

    We have started using a call tracking number in clients GMB listings, as recommended by people here. However, we are now seeing that tracking number show up in listings on sites like Infogroup, Neustar/Localeze, Foursquare and Hotfrog. We are using Moz Local, which seems to be pushing out this...
  7. FriarTuck00

    Google Switching Phone Numbers in GMB Listing

    A while back, I read here that the standard call tracking practice was to put your tracking number as the main number and your regular number as an additional phone number. Today, I got emails from Google saying that they had flip-flopped the numbers on those listings. It said, "Recent...
  8. FriarTuck00

    Google Knowledge Graph "What People Search For"

    I've got a question about the Google Knowledge Graph. Has Google ever said where they get the info to display other businesses at the bottom under "What People Search For"? I've done some looking but haven't found a whole lot. I was hoping someone here might know something.
  9. FriarTuck00

    Business with Unmanned Locations

    We have a client who operates 5 car washes in the area. They also have an administrative office in town. I'm pretty certain that according to Google's guidelines, we're not going to be able to get the 5 locations verified in GMB. Since MapMaker is now closed and that's no longer an option...
  10. FriarTuck00

    Google Not Showing Our Address in Knowledge Graph

    A few months ago while doing an experiment on voice command driving directions, we discovered that Google stopped showing our address in the Knowledge Graph. Google is now only showing our city and state. We have spoken to Google Local reps on the phone multiple times and they told us that...
  11. FriarTuck00

    Maps No Longer Showing Full Address/Driving Directions

    Recently, one of our employees mentioned that he was needing driving directions to a location and when he tried to search for our business on Google Maps, our business didn't show up. When I did some investigating, our "place" doesn't appear on the map anymore. This is a new change, as in within...
  12. FriarTuck00

    G Maps No Longer Showing Full Address or Offering Driving Directions for Business

    Recently, one of our employees mentioned that he was needing driving directions to a location and when he tried to search for our business on Google Maps, our business didn't show up. When I did some investigating, our "place" doesn't appear on the map anymore. This is a new change, as in...
  13. FriarTuck00

    Abnormal Spikes in Views on GMB Profiles

    In looking through the Google MyBusiness Insights for some of my clients, I'm noticing some very high spikes in Profile Views. They all seem to be from November 11 and 12. Has anyone here seen that as well?
  14. FriarTuck00

    Two Businesses, Two Phone Numbers, One Address

    We have a lead on a potential client who runs two separate businesses, both are franchises, from one address. One is a garage door business and the other is a carpet cleaning business. The businesses have different DBAs and different phone numbers, but have the same street address. Will...
  15. FriarTuck00

    Service Area Business Not Showing on Google Maps

    We have a client ( who is located in a smaller town in between two of the larger cities in our metro area: Winston-Salem and Greensboro. He wants to be found more in Greensboro which is the larger of the two cities. We've recommended adding content...
  16. FriarTuck00

    Google My Business & Individual Practitioners

    Given Google's guidelines on Google MyBusiness as it relates to individual practitioners (doctors, lawyers, real estate and insurance agents, and financial advisors), is anyone truly following this updated procedure? I also have a few questions/issues with the procedure as it relates to a...
  17. FriarTuck00

    Issues With Cell Phone as Main Business Number

    Is anyone noticing issues in getting citations from Moz onto sites such as YP and Manta, for example, with a business that uses a cell phone number as their primary business number? I'm wondering if the business is somehow being punished for having a cell phone as the main number. Thoughts?